Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Do You Know What The Constitution Says About Freedom of Expression?

No, but if you hum a few bars, I can fake it.

Hey remember when the entire conservative media universe had one million kittens because Barack Obama didn't wear a flag pin?

It was thousand and thousand of years ago so you might not recall.

It was, in fact, so long ago that Michael Steele was making his living as a Fox News political analyst and reliable Republican stooge and not as an MSNBC political analyst whose shtick is to feign perpetual shock that his Republican party is full of reliable Republican stooges.

Good times! 
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RUKidding said...

I hadn't realized that "God Bless America" was now some second tier National Anthem. Guess I'm out of the swing of things (thankfully).

I confess that I don't know all the words to that stupid song either.

That said, I wasn't like some jerky child who called off his special birthday party because he didn't like who his parents wanted to invite. And then when the party was called off, he threw a monster temper tantrum, so his parents held a different party with different guests just to get him to Shut. The. Fuck. UP.

But his parents expected him to know the words to "Happy Birthday," but spoiled rotten tantrum-throwing shithole was too fucking lazy to, you know, actually swot up on the words.

Werdz iz hardd.

Fuckwit. Loser.

ziply said...


Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

What do you expect? Damn liberal vampires keep sucking up all the memory juice. This is all YOUR fault, Count Driftglass!

Or maybe, when he said he has a "great memory"...


...he's referring to one, specific memory that he's fond of, not his overall storage efficiency.

Be seeing you.

Robt said...

How about all that bipping and bopping and lip Syncing. Is that the best and greatest you eveh" seen??

If Trump's patriot standard is applied to him. And he does have Rudy making the media empty podium awaiting Trump air time circuit saying he is above the law.

If Patriotism behavior in public is applied and compared with NFL kneeling. Which one is more offensive? ????????

Let's apply it to KellyGirl Con-way. When she represented the Commander in Chief on the TV to the nation. Did not respect the military or anything else to prepare her words in regards to the president, in regards to the national Anthem and disrespectful kneeling by NFL players while the fans in the stands are getting their cups of beer.

Kellyanne did not display respect for the military when she went on TV and spoke of the Commander in Chief as the , "Commander in Cheese".

Yes, Commander in Cheese!

Should Kellyanne be deported for not speaking proper English? fouling off a hanging breaking ball of an easy title like commander in Chief?

Not bring her brain to the patriot game on TV?

Does this deserve her and her family to be deported to whence their family fled and immigrated from?

I am so offended as a veteran. As a American patriot. As someone that is so much more a better superior human being than any of you. Which makes my offended feeling in need of an entire political majority party in power to take stiff action and punish Kellyanne and her family for ever. superior being deserves stroking by punishing Kellyanne for this unforgivable blatant display of disrespect for the military and the country by not presenting herself as the smartest and brightest white nationalist patriot in her failure to speak the proper words.

Sure. Too much elaboration on such a senseless issue you could conclude.

To Trump and the republican superior race party. It is standards for you and not for the deserving.

I would still like to see NFL game attendees kneel in the stands during the play of the anthem while everyone on the field is standing in compliance with the authority and pride of the NFL owners. And not the true heart felt emotion that one would us proper etiquette in standing still in respect for the anthem in public.

I mean, on a religious note, To he who prays in private?

But then, where in public would VP Pence be able to go and be seen displaying his deep state religion and patriotism if not at the playing of the national anthem at an NFL game?
Where military recruiting is rampant by the money paid to advertise that recruiting.

barney said...

He's such an ignorant buffoon. An American embarrassment.

Robt said...

Got to admit,
Prez Cadet Bone Spurs might not have known the words and was partly capable with that superior genetic thing his doc says he has. To pick up on the others when singing the chorus lines.

Brilliant piece of adapting in the moment, right.

I actual enjoyed the Prez enjoying himself in a very deep state respectful manner.
As he lost all the words, he adapted by a sort of "Bee-boping" of his head and he looked around at others to take names of those not giving it their all.
Does the Prez got the rythem in him or what.....?

He is a very busy man and did not have time for a lyrics briefing or to google the songs words prior. So much tweeting and FOX viewing. Not to mention all the important national security phone calls from Lou Dobbs, hannity that is so vital.