Friday, June 15, 2018

A Feature, Not A Bug

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Habitat Vic said...

Kiksuya. That's "remember" in Lakota (and the name of IMO the best Westworld episode so far).

For me this week, it wasn't even Cheetolini flat out lying that it was all the Dems fault. Or even Sessions doing the (sorta) reductio ad absurdum argument that if you oppose any/this border enforcement, then you are a left wing loon that wants no borders/immigration/checkpoints/law/etc whatsoever. I remember a similar bullshit argument on abortion: if you allow any abortion for any reason, why then you must want it everywhere - 15-minutes, on demand at every Starbucks.

No, for me, it was Sessions & Sarah quoting the Bible to justify. I know, nothing new about Conservatives twisting the Bible to make the rubes obey. Kiksuya. Been down this road many times with my (former) Republican Evangelical friends. Conservatives deserve to burn in Hell for this one and, yes, I mean it in the full Christian meaning.

Conservatism: picture an iron boot stomping on a crying immigrant child's face, over and over. While holding a Bible in one hand, and a flag in the other. And laughing.