Tuesday, May 29, 2018

To No One's Surprise Breitbart Hired Uncle Ruckus...



From where?

From right off Bernie Sanders' campaign bus.

Wow.  Really?


To do what?

Take a wild guess.
Inside the Pro-Trump Effort to Keep Black Voters From the Polls

Breitbart staffer recruited Sanders activist Bruce Carter to get African Americans to support the Republican—or stay home.

Breitbart News landed an election scoop that went viral in August 2016: “Exclusive: ‘Black Men for Bernie’ Founder to End Democrat ‘Political Slavery’ of Minority Voters… by Campaigning for Trump.”

If the splashy, counterintuitive story, which circulated on such conservative websites as Truthfeed and Infowars, wasn't exactly fake news, it was carefully orchestrated.

The story’s writer—an employee of the conservative website run by Steve Bannon before he took over Donald Trump’s campaign—spent weeks courting activist Bruce Carter to join Trump’s cause. He approached Carter under the guise of interviewing him. The writer eventually dropped the pretense altogether, signing Carter up for a 10-week blitz aimed at convincing black voters in key states to support the Republican real estate mogul, or simply sit out the election. Trump’s narrow path to victory tightened further if Hillary Clinton could attract a Barack Obama-level turnout...

"Wow" indeed.

So I have a question.


In what way does Bruce Carter's campaign to persuade black voters to definitely not vote for the only viable candidate capable of stopping Donald Trump differ from, say, Matthew Dowd's campaign to persuade voters to definitely not vote for the only viable candidate capable of stopping Donald Trump?

Ah!  Good question.  See, Carter was a stooge who was stealth funded as part of the larger Republican rat-fucking campaign --
The work Carter says he did, and the funds he was given to do it, also raise questions as to whether campaign finance laws were broken.

The group Carter founded, Trump for Urban Communities, never disclosed its spending to the Federal Election Commission—a possible violation of election law. In hindsight, Carter says, he believed he was working for the campaign so he wouldn’t have been responsible for reporting the spending.

His descriptions of the operation suggest possible coordination between Trump’s campaign and his nominally independent efforts. If there was coordination, election law dictates that any contributions to groups such as his must fall within individual limits: no more than $2,700 for a candidate. One supporter far exceeded that cap, giving about $100,000 to Carter’s efforts.

Another potential issue is whether the unusual role played by the Breitbart reporter amounted to an in-kind contribution.
- - while Matthew Dowd is paid by ABC New to be their chief political analyst:

So Bruce Carter knew what he was doing and got paid under-the-table for it, whereas Matthew Dowd is a useful idiot who was incapable of understanding the consequence of what he was advocating and yet still get's paid a small fortune by ABC New to be their chief political analyst?


And other than that, no difference whatsoever?

None whatsoever.


"Wow" indeed.

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Charlesdillon said...

Trump For Urban Communities or
Trump FUC.

trgahan said...

Given the general timeline of Republicans stealing their second Presidential election in the 21st Century there really seems to have been a moment in late Summer of 2016 in which some people, likely never the Orange Shit Gibbon himself, went "Holy Shit, we can actually win this!" and suddenly the dark money flowed, hostile foreign powers were contacted, and no fatfucking idea was a bad ratfucking idea.

.....AND (like the 2000 election, Iraq, and the Tea Party) the rest of media chose to look the other way on obvious Republican actions until the "electoral winners" were sworn in, the taxes were cut, the regulations shredded, the brown people's country invaded, then they employ "investigative journalism" after the fact to rack up the Pulitzers.

dinthebeast said...

Oh, he understands all right, he just doesn't give a fuck.

-Doug in Oakland

barney said...

The GOP and oligarchs thrive on people's ignorance

Robt said...

Didn't they hire Great Grandpa Pepe too?

n1ck said...

This just in:

First-past-the-post voting system confuses ABC News Chief Political Analyst, because being publicly confused and saying BothSidesDoIt™ is very, very profitable.

dinthebeast said...

Joan Walsh
‏Verified account @joanwalsh
May 29

I remember raising questions about the guy behind "Black Men for Bernie" a couple of years ago and getting slammed here. Oh well:

-Doug in Oakland