Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Declaration of Independents

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This guy's an Independent because of the, y'know, K'rupt Duopoly!
Hey, so is this guy!  Because that damn K'rupt Duopoly obviously isn't Right enough!
Experts: Door could be open for Blankenship to pursue independent Senate run

While it would likely require a legal challenge, some experts say there may be room for former Massey Energy CEO Don Blankenship to pursue an independent run for the U.S. Senate.

Blankenship, who was released in 2017 from a yearlong prison sentence following a conviction of conspiring to violate mine health and safety laws at the Upper Big Branch mine, finished third in the May 8 Senate Republican primary election...

And this guy!  Because that cursed K'rupt Duopoly clearly isn't Left enough!
Sanders to run as a Democrat — but not accept nomination

The Vermont senator announces his complicated reelection plans for another term.

Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination in Vermont — but he won’t accept it if he wins.

The famously independent senator, who briefly joined the Democratic Party to run in the 2016 New Hampshire presidential primary only to un-enroll later, officially announced Monday that he would seek a third term in the Senate this fall. He also said that he’ll pull the same maneuver that he did in his 2006 and 2012 Senate races: Running as a Democrat, declining the nomination when he wins and then running as an independent.

The move makes it virtually impossible for another Democrat to seek the party’s nod. And it allows Sanders to loom large in the party primary in August, but still preserve his independence...
And this guy!  Because in the teevee pundit game, "redolent with Republican stank" has become a professional liability.  Also something something K'rupt Duopoly!
Scarborough formally leaves GOP, registers as independent

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough announced in a tweet on Thursday that he had officially registered as an independent, roughly three months after he said he was leaving the Republican Party.
You know, call me crazy, but it's almost like "independent" is nothing but a hollow, meaningless political slogan and that the people who suit up under those colors are mostly whiners, grifters, or frantic to avoid being held responsible for their shitty behavior.

And I would write a long post examining this all in greater detail...

...if I hadn't already written a long post examining this all in greater detail nine years ago.

The "Independent" Granfalloon

In which I play a little game with myself trying to predict what piffle David Fucking Brooks will be trafficking tomorrow on MTP as Rachael Maddow puts her Keds up his ass.

I'm guessing Bobo will be Speaking With Authority about "Independents"; after all he wrote a whole, dumb column about it on Thursday, and has been dining out on that dumb column on radio and teevee for the last two days, so why not make a Sunday brunch out of the leftovers too?...

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Robert Jenkins said...

I'm with Lt.Aldo Raine, these guys should have their support of the GOP permanently displayed about their person.

Being a fair minded liberal though I think anaesthetic should be administered before the marking

bowtiejack said...

I've always liked the formulation that an "independent" is simply a conservative/GOP with a sense of shame.

Wheezy said...

"Independent" means nothing more than "I'll sit this one out until President Stupid is gone and the party is back in the hands of the Freedom Caucus."

RUKidding said...

Independent never had much meaning, even back in the day. I feel that it's mainly a media construct. Sure, some people deliberately registered with the Green Party, or what have you, but I'd bet that a lot of people, in the past, who didn't register with either of the 2 "Big" parties may have done that by mistake.

I agree with prior comments. These days being "Independent" just means you've awakened to the fact that the shithole in the White House - who you probably pulled the lever for (and if push comes to shove, you'll probably vote for him AGAIN) - is an abomination and "offends" YOU (you could care less about anyone else).

So, rather than joining the Democratic party - shriek! gasp! - you play-act about being an "Independent," which essentially has no meaning whatsoever, while you sitting there on the sidelines clapping for every revolting thing this administration has done.

I'm willing to give Bernie Sanders a slight, but begrudging, pass because he's consistently done this. It's his MO.

The rest can go fuck themselves sideways.

Robt said...

I'm not a republican. I am a registered Conservative, Decries hannity.

I am not republican, Conservative. I am registered Independent, others decry.

They all want to be outsiders now.

After the kill government. They are now replacing it with Big corporate government to get in the way.

To shield there selves from public renown of who they are and what they stand for. They want to be seen as for and not for the GOP implosion where we find that the only Constitution they have is the 2nd Amendment. The right to kill anyone you hate.
Applies only to peons. Still illegal to shoot the Steve Scelese's and Don Blankenships.

Donald Walsh said...

You see, among the various brain surgeries Fox has carried out on their victims/viewers is a little procedure called Vaccination Against Democrats. So that even when the cognitive dissonance between the "rah rah all Republicans are saints" rhetoric and the crashing criminal incompetency of their officeholders gets too loud, the Fox viewer still wouldn't for a nanosecond vote Democratic. Left with no other choice, and lacking the skills of critical thinking which Fox lobotomized out of them, they can only opt out altogether and say "Inthebenthant" through their gappy teeth, until the political weather changes and they're comfortable with the Fox Crotch Couch again. Till then, as you have noted, it's all country music and football and "spakin' didn't hurt me none" on their Facebook feeds.

Unknown said...

Bernie Sanders MO is to consistently be a dick. Everything he does appears to intimate that HE is smarter than everyone else and on an elevated intellectual plane that the hoi polloi can't quite understand or ever attain which is soooo freaking far from reality. His narcissism is almost as bad as Trumps. I mean why does he feel the need to do all that stupid crap, just run as an Independent and STFU already. It's like, look at me ain't I a genius? Running as a DEM and not accepting - take THAT beeyatchs. I am eyerolling myself into next week.

Robt said...

Those true strong conservative ideological values.

The same ones that marketed "Tea Potters" from the bowels of hell. who did not want to accept that responsibility thing for their actions.

As, Trump is no conservative and I am a never Trumper. GOP now grovels to Trump, well I am fed up. So I am an independent because the GOP does not listen to me nor allows me on the money circuit in media.

Or hey, I can be a Give-Me Tarian from the planet Rand paul. Run in the republican party, vote witht he republican party, knive with the republican party, take the GOP's bribe money.
But I am a Give me tarian.