Tuesday, April 03, 2018

The Wingnut Seed Vault

As the catastrophic consequence of the apotheosis of Actual Conservatism rage all around them, our media continues to use its tremendous wealth and power to broadcast its own Imaginary Conservative Puppet Show to the nation every single day.  This Big Lie serves a number of important purposes, but arguably its most vital, long-term role is to make sure the media's protects is own, branded reserves of reliable Conservative hacks and drudges like Peggy Noonan, Michael Gerson, David Brooks, Hugh Hewitt, Joe Scarborough and, well, you know the list.  

In this mainstream media Wingnut Seed Vault they are carefully cultivated and kept safe from criticism and rebuttal against the day when the Age of Trump reaches to its brutal and dismal finale Then, with a battalion of media-branded and market-tested Serious Conservative Thinkers already pre-positioned and ready to go, the next generation of media-branded and market-tested Conservatism can be moved smoothly into production, the Trump-era upgrade of the Bush-Off Machine can be launched, and the great Both Siderist gravy train can roll on uninterrupted.  

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dinthebeast said...

Burn the damn lifeboats.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Emulating Putin's government news propaganda media will only provide consevatives with based lies and false facts. That if they ever wanted to correct something gone awry. They have nothing meaningful to look base any corrections on.

It is purposely done to the masses. Not for the masters of the universe or their puppets.

As for lifeboats for the conservative marionettes. We see it is not women and children first concept.

They can watch the movie "Titanic" as many times as they wish. It is just to expensive. Too many safety regulations. Too wasteful of time for the masters of the Universe to engage in such things.

Have a few life boats and make it, "Survival of the fittest".

Because those superior ruling beings believe us chattel need something to light a fire under us.
As we are so lazy and non productive unlike Paris Hilton, Donny JR and the rest of the special genetic pool of Pharaohs that inherit ruling over us.

Conservative Freedom seems to be defined as a choice of propaganda from Hannity or Ingraham or from the blessed days when Jesus returned in the the likeness of Ronald Reagan with the old Apostles as G. Gordon Libby.

Competition for us, Anti trust deregulation for them. See, everyone gets something in this great compromise.

Bail outs for Wall Street, everyone else gets the freedom to be on their own in primitive jungle survival. Where tossed off the island is useless because there is always the hyena that needs to feed even from your dead carcass.