Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Speaker Quisling Calls It Quits

Having conspicuously failed at every single one of his moral and constitutional obligations, blown a multi-trillion dollar hole in the budget to hand his paymasters a gargantuan tax cut and made his name synonymous with "spineless doormat", today House Speaker and former P90-X pitchman Paul Ryan let it be know that he will not be seeking re-election.
House Speaker Paul Ryan won't seek re-election
From the beginning of the Stupid Administration, Ryan was on his heels, trying frantically to duck, weasel and and flat-our lie his way to safety, but inevitably the political ground he tried to stake out -- too much of a squeamish, reluctant co-conspirator to be trusted by the true believing brown-shirts who run the Republican Party, and too much of a naked opportunist and gutless capitulator to be trusted by anyone else --  has became his political grave.

At the moment I have nothing more to add to the political obituary of this despicable man except to repeat what I wrote about him last year ("Better Capitulate Than Never"):
...And so, arrogantly heedless of the same lesson history has taught about tyrants over and over again, and desperate to deliver massive tax cuts to his plutocrat sponsors and a knockout punch to America's already frayed and underfunded social safety net, Paul Ryan went right on ahead and did the one thing Churchill said that one should never, ever do with a crocodile:
"An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last."

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Dr.BDH said...

Brave Sir Paulie boldly ran away. Living up to his name, Paul "The Cowardly" Ryan, he leaves with the oldest, fakest excuse of all: to spend time with his family. Just when you think he can't be any more disgustingly cliched and vile, he drags his children into his Yellow Kingdom of Chickenness.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good afternoon, Mr. Glass.

Meghan McCain used "Trumpism" while chastising liberals for (metaphorically) singing, "Ding, dong! The witch is dead!" over this...

And you know, she's right. The principled conservatives are leaving RIGHT NOW, like the Elves in the "Lord of the Rings." They totes didn't leave a LONG, F*CKING TIME AGO.

Be seeing you.

dinthebeast said...

Do I smell a run at the presidency? He is delusional, you know.

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

I'm sure Ryan's quitting now because Charles and David finally agree to fund his Libertarian School For White Conservative Male Welfare Queens dream or some other Wingnut Welfare gig.

The Media will promptly rehabilitate Paul back into the Grand Conservative Intellectual and Numbers Guy they DEMANDED we paroles see him as until that night he shit the bed on broadcast TV debating Joe Biden.

On a broader note, it is heartening see that, while they have done damage for sure, Republicans have been fighting a rear guard action as they retreat everyday since the 2016 election.

RUKidding said...

Whaddo they say? All hat and no cattle.

Seriously FUCK little Pauly Ryan, who scored a college degree while being on Social Security and then married UP. And then found hisself two big ole Sugar Daddies who've been siphoning the dough-see-dough into his pockets, all while he argle-bargles about fucking over teh poorz because they "deserve" it.

He's running away from the House like a whipped dog with his tail between his legs. Can't take the Heat, Paul - eh? Shoulda stayed outta the kitchen.

I dunno if he's got the energy to make another run for POTUS, despite how delusional he is. My guess is that he'll sit back on his big ole behind and suck away at the wingnut welfare teat. He's got it made inna shade due to his 2 Uncle Daddy WarBuck$.

You betcha!

Again: Fuck this guy.

cvmbner said...

I don’t think Sir Quisling wants to “spend more time with his kids.”

I think he just misses those keg parties where they dreamed of cutting Medicaid.

keith gargus said...

ZEGS, one of the great monikers of all time, will be missed. Ryan wont be.

Wonder if his cowardice runs deep enough to fear losing to the Iron ,Stache? I think so.

starskeptic said...

"...and given a ban name to the term "spineless doormat","

Robt said...

Got the Repeal half done. Now to Replace Ryan.

So much to remissness so little concern to do so.

Ryan did receive a $500 K GOP donation for his reelection. Oh, That $500 K was borrowed and added to the debt by the deficit chicken hawk himself. Those sad poor wealthy who needed that money to create good jobs. Found $500 K in their yacht seat cushions and trickled it on down to Ryan.

But don't concern yourself too much over the debt. Your tax cut is temporary so you can pay it off better. Besides, the GOP can balance this redistribution of wealth and pay off that debt simply by cutting Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

Just thank Speaker Paul for holding the House to its accountability to the people. Doing the peoples work, taking the peoples money, failing his oath of office and betraying his separate branch of government by his complete submission to the president.

maybe we will see you (Paul), at a gran jury hearing . Testifying of the GOP's Deep Russian state use of Cambridge Analytica

Jimbo said...

Not to be nit-picker but I believe the original photo was of Neville Chamberlain, post-Munich and not the Nazi-installed puppet leader of Occupied Norway, Vidkun Quisling.

Anyway, ZEGS won't be missed. On the other hand, I doubt we've seen the last of that faker on either the MSM or, after a dutiful pause, the 2020 GOP Presidential Clown Car.

jim said...


Robt said...

To save the GOP majorities. Ryan plans "historic vote" on balanced Budget Amendment, After he nukes the debt and redistributes money to the top.

If China's peons can live a worthless existence in squalor, if Putin peons can live a while on a survival penance. Why not the undeserving peons in America born out of royal wealth?

Let's campaign on voting for a balanced budget Amendment and us tax dollars while one the job's clock to do it.
Salesmen who believe they can sell cancer to the most healthiest person. As long as the are devoted FOX viewers.

Aurora Silvermane said...

He may just Boehner the fuck out, but my Quatloos are on him taking a cushy lobbying job. He’s got his tax cuts in the bag, now he can kick up his heels and cash in.