Friday, April 27, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #438

"A certain ruthlessness and a sense of alienation from society is as essential to creative writing as it is to armed robbery."
-- Nelson Algren, a writer of Chicago
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portlandmaxtrains said...

Have you thought about a second hour for paid subscribers?

Here are three podcasts that do it:

dinthebeast said...

One thing about the hideous prospect of the goddamn Republicans electing a smarter, more presentable monster who will do all of the awful things Fergus has been too incompetent to pull off: There were several of them on the 2016 primary ballot, and Fergus didn't just beat them all, he stomped them into the dirt.
Unless they roll out some entirely different programming updates, the Republican electorate is sort of dead set against anyone with any facility toward actually running the government.
Whether they could, let alone would, kick their Fergus addiction in order to run the new software update is a legitimate question, and yet another chapter in the cautionary tale of why it's a bad idea to invite these reprogrammable bigots into your party.
We had all kinds of trouble with them when they were Democrats, and not only could we have told you about them, we fucking DID tell you...
Oh well, there are fewer and fewer of them every day, and more and more women who have just hit that "fix this shit now before it destroys my family" point... Make that more white woman, the non-white women have there for hella long already.
Anyway, thank you again for the podcast. My SSDI isn't really enough to cover our bills so I haven't been donating, but if things change, which they may soon if I gain some employment, I'll be right there with it.

-Doug in Oakland

Bryan Long said...

Dan savage also does a "magnum" version of his podcast for subscribers. You get a couple ads in the podcast for free listening, or an ad free extended version for subscribers.

Bryan Long said...

Dan Savage also does an extended, ad free version for subscribers.

Robt said...

The beast has many faces:

Along with the both sider and life boats. There are a couple of other
necks growing up from the serpent's neck.

Two new Right wing shoved talking points to set agenda to punish Dems.

it is the Political Correctness they so condemned . In every election campaign. The right wing employs this liberal political correctness sissy mantra. Started hearing it in my local paper Public Pulse. Then Right wing radio (AM) and on the TV now.

The loud shrill screams of demand that the "Left" needs to stop with all the Trump bashing.!
How uncouth lefties are when they call someone a KKK member and racists just becasue they wear a sheet/ w hood, carry Tiki Torches while chanting Blood and soil , that the Jews will not replace me. The left goes too far and hurting feeling on the right.

"Why can't the liberals just get over losing the election"?, "Why can't the far left Democrats compromise and work with the GOP majority and Trump for what the GOP thinks is best for the country"?
Nothing better urges one to work and compromise with right wingers than things like, McConnell and company on Obama Inauguration day of his first term. Announcing it is the republican first priority to make Obama (the president) a failure and one term president.

Blocking a open SCOTUS seat for 14 months. Striking down the Filibuster for a partisan simple majority vote for a Supreme to rule on ALL America. Completely refuse to perform their job of advise and consent. By doing neither. Doesn't that count for something? Something to cause you to work, compromise and vote for republican extreme agenda?

Political Correctness was all liberal and always bad. Except now and is fine only now that the Conservatives want it.

I realize my definition of "Political Correctness" as having a level of cordial respect at a certain level. is not the same definition used by others.
On the rise, watch for it, the right wingers are getting louder and demanding angrier the left must be politically correct with the Right.

Tears and snivels, "how dare you call me a bigot and a racist". Take it back and apologize! As Bannon runs amok telling racists and bigots to be proud of it.
Like the Birther King (Donald) provided an apology not solely to Obama, but his wife and children. I am sure Barrack was saddened by Trump's birther accusations and all being weighed on his family. (2 young girls)