Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Joe Scarborough Has Come Unstuck In Time

And then, without any warning, Joey went to New York City, and got on an all-morning teevee program devoted to talk. He told about having come unstuck in time. He said, too, that he had been kidnapped by a flying saucer in 1987. The saucer was from the planet Tralfamadore, he said. He was taken to Tralfamadore, where he was displayed naked in a zoo, he said. He was mated there with a former Earthling minor celebrity named Mika Emilie Leonia Brzezinski.

-- Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse Five (slightly altered)

Up until about five minutes ago, Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough was as reliable a Republican professional hype-man as could be found outside of Fox News on the public stage.  Mocking Liberals who knew better about Bush than he did as Cheeto-dust-smeared, underwear-clad losers. Slagging Barack Obama for not deploying his Green Lantern powers to magically transform Scarborough's Republican Party from a mob of racist troglodytes and madmen into responsible governing partners.

Then, quite suddenly -- and thanks in no small part to the unlimited free buffet table of publicity Joe Scarborough handed over to his pal Donald Trump --  that Republican mob got exactly the loud, loutish, pig-ignorant, racist, con man president they had spent the last four decades praying for.

And then, quite predictably, the Republicans who had spent their entire adult lives building the Republican monster machine that made Trump possible all came down with the latest virulent strain of Republican Detachment Disorder:
Of course, Republican Detachment Disorder has been a persistent component of Beltway Both Siderism for years, but since the Rise of Trump the condition has gone airborne and is now fully pneumonic and spreading like wildfire among Conservatives who made an entire career out enthusiastically helping the GOP shit the bed over and over again, and then, as Reality closed in, suddenly started pretending that it was all the fault of some other Republican Party waaaaay over there.

This partial list of the afflicted reads like a cable news pundit on-call list.

Former Bush Administration speech writer and persistent Beltway stalactite, Michael Gerson

Former Bush Administration speech writer and persistent Beltway stalagmite, David Frum.

Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough

Bill Kristol and Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough

Rush Limbaugh

And of course, David Brooks --

-- who may well be the Patient Zero of this calamitous plague.

Well it turns out that, just like many other forms of pestilence, there is always another, wilder mutation of Republican Attachment Disorder waiting just around the corner. 

In this "Billy Pilgrim" strain of the disorder, the afflicted Republican not only becomes unstuck in time -- floating above his own life, randomly popping into and out of years and circumstances in no particular order -- but becomes completely alienated from his own life as he actually lived it.  He spontaneously starts remembers the past as some America-hating, Cheeto-stained Libtard blogger might remember it, with no recollection of his own very active and eager participation in events which he now describes with such disdain.

Warning:  Some viewers might find this video of Mr. Scarborough in the throes of a full-blown Republican Attachment Disorder episode to be shocking and disturbing:

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Robt said...

Listening to Joey and pal discuss "when are GOP going to stand for the good old conservative principles and values".

*When exactly have they?
-When in a minority party status. GOP will claim many ideals that they never could live by, never fully justify.
Example; Free markets. How they believe in free markets and sell them. And their free market packages sell better than bridges.

GOP's last tax cut had to borrow money to pay out the checks. Like the song, "money for nothing and the tax breaks for free".
The un natural cutting of taxes, AGAIN. Using government to hand out money while it is in debt. Cutting specific regulations to profit certain people's profits and dumping the waste and ills caused on others.

Even now,

The GOP principles and values come down to,
Flogging themselves publicly at the holy temple of blaming Obama.

law and order party?
More like the NAZI party of Sgt Schultz. As harsh as this sounds, it seems they are very willing to help Hitler fire up the ovens as long as they end up paid well enough. Oh, and always be considered one of "us' so that they do not end up as one of "them" (in the oven.

Darkmess, Darkness is my pillow (at the moment)

Tanbark said...

Not to worry! All we need to do is pick up a few of those "backward" states…that is, the ones who voted for a young black liberal TWICE! and we'll be able to start putting the brakes on amurka-as-1934-Nurenburg.

Counting the days….

dinthebeast said...

"...the disturbing thing is that the pattern is repeating itself..."

Meanwhile you regurgitate right wing dogma like a CD skipping away...
(h/t: Visqueen, "Crush On Radio")\

-Doug in Oakland

Tanbark said...

And, this morning's question seems to be:

Are we approaching the point in time where Trump will need to fire Mueller instanter, or semantically speaking, have him fired, so that the republican party can then have time to arrange for Trump to depart the White House in favor of a REAL bible zombie, in hopes of salvaging some vestige of congressional control? If they wait too long, Pence, despite seeming to have disappeared into Slingshit, Asia by way of avoiding photo-ops with Trump, might not have enough of a window to rinse off the flop-sweat/shit-stink of being Trump's backup.

I feel reasonably sure that this is the current "A" topic of conversation among the power goopers.

jim said...

"Americans DO always do the right thing in the end..."

El Salvador on Line One.
Laos on Line Two.
Chile on Line Three.
Iraq on Line Four.
Cambodia on Line Five.
Somalia on Line Six.
Iran on Line Seven.
Yemen on Line Eight.

"Please stay on the line - your call is important to us."