Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Cause He's a Liar

Cause I'm a liar
Yeah I'm a liar
I'll tear your mind out
I'll burn your soul
I'll turn you into me
I'll turn you into me
Cause I'm a liar
A liar,
A liar,
A liar...

From Brother Charlie Pierce:

Mueller Is Teaching This Country a Lesson on the Nature of Corruption
Everything Donald Trump touches turns to, well...

Once more, it’s clear that the working assumption of the Mueller investigation is that the entire Trump presidency*, and the Trump campaign that preceded it, is a vast corrupt empire, and that the roots of that empire are to be found in the Trump Organization, which was a slightly less vast, but no less corrupt, empire built on deceit and incompetence, bailed out by its lawyers.

To understand the corruption of the administration*, Mueller is teaching the nation, you have to understand the corruption of the businesses. And to understand the corruption of the businesses, you have to understand the ability of the man to corrupt everything and everyone he touches.

I lie
I like it
I feel good
I'll lie again
And again
I'll lie again and again
And I'll keep lying.
I promise.

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RUKidding said...

I'm still very much on the fence if Putin/Russia really, really influenced the election and/or is running Trump.

However, it seems clear that Trump is totally in over his head, no surprise. When I read comments at some of the more serious blogs I read praising Trump AS IF he has some sort of plan, I have to smack my head a few times. A plan? Well yeah, he DOES have a plan... a plan that he and his grifting weaseling incompetent spawn will grift and rip off and syphon off as much money as possible from every sort avenue possible.

I would not be surprised if Trump is in deep to the Russian mafia/oligarchs, as apparently most banks, as corrupt as they are, won't lend to this money-loser anymore. So it's feasible that some coercion is occuring to "persuade" Trump to make certain decisions... or ELSE. That's certainly possible.

But reading someone today unironically praising Chris Cilizza's more recent column because it "provided nice information about the Trump family, and we rarely hear much about them" was another head banger.

I mean... I can't even.

Trump is corrupt. He is a one-man chaos machine.

The recent trade/tarriff situation may not end up being that terrible, but in the meantime, his corrupt administration is wreaking havoc on our nation, stipping us of natural resources, fouling our air and water, and the rubes are getting a big fat nothingburger, while Trump has ensured that he directly richly benefits from the Tax Scam act, which also benefits his rich underlings in his cabinet and elsewhere.

As Booman said recently on his blog: can you just imagine if Obama (or Clinton, if she had won) had done even one quarter of the mess that Trump has created? Sheesh. Unreal.

How anyone can find a way to praise this shithole is beyond all comprehension, but I guess Nazis are like that.

dinthebeast said...

I know a woman who used to work at the place where I cashed my paychecks who is a major Henry Rollins fan.
One day I showed up to cash my paycheck and before I could slide it under the glass, she slid a piece of paper under it toward me, without saying a word.
I picked it up and read it. It was a handwritten letter from Henry Rollins to her in answer to a fan letter she had written him.
It made her so happy that I have always liked him since then, just for caring enough to write a letter back to a girl who thought the world of him.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

You know that story about Putin Nixing Romney for Sec. of State and told Trump he wanted someone with a more lubricated butt like Tillerson.

That could of been Putin, the Chinese, the Somalia prince or some 400 pound Huckabee daughter sitting on a bed in a basement somewhere.

Most important is that A US President's lawyer set up a phony business (LLC) to pay in money into the phony business. Changing his and other names involved. So that money could be sent to a porn star The president had sexual relations with while married to his 4 wife.

Fraud? Using a business to funnel hush money?

Which causes me to ask,

When Cohen set this up and sent the hush money through this phony business.

Does he get to write off the hush money as a business expense?

Mark Dobrowolski said...

That, or Cohen has accoubts with his client's money which he is siphoning off of.

Robt said...

* Tired of all the winning yet?
* is The president about to pivot into being presidential?
* Is it as bad as you thought it would get?
*If NO, to the bad bottom. How much further?

Why is it OK for the Deep State like Ryan, McConnell piles of GOPers and all the Wall Street Deep Staters to attack Trump and make him whimper away his Tariff trade war for the peeples.?
Bannon doesn't even farts in defiance of the GOP DEEP STATE. Why is that?

GAry Cohn resigns his Deep State government job and returns to his Deep Wall Street position after getting what he wanted and rifling through all government documents and made the deep document state changes. Let the stealing and robbing begin?

Somehow as with the Trickle down tax cuts to the Sheriff of Nottingham. I do not think Gary Cohn of Loxly is going to take from the rich and give to the poor.

Hubert Vale said...

Wow, I'd forgotten what a great song that is and how appropriate it is for these dark times. It makes me think of the "Norman Please Coordinate!" Star Trek episode except we are the androids and Dear Leader is Harry Mudd. :(

896216598755556665 said...

Someone's on your David Brooks beat!

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I've seen Rollins a couple of times doing Spoken Word. He is always willing to hang after the show to talk to his fans. My son is a big fan.

Rollins is a good egg.