Monday, March 12, 2018

Let 'Em Dangle


Molly Stevens said...

Let 'em ALL dangle dammit!

Robt said...

Got another idea,

Both House and Senate have citizen galleries. Raised above the floor (a balcony ) where citizens can watch their congress in (achem) action.

These galleries are Gun Free Zones. The NRA never mentions anything about it..

So we open up these dangerous gun free zones (the congress galleries) to open carry AR-15's. Bump stocks and all the ammo and clips one can carry.

Schedule a vote on the floor to repeal health care to give tax cuts to the rich. So when they start voting to repeal and take away peoples health care.
In the citizens gallery are all the people ARMED with their assault rifles. The people who will suffer or die, People that loved ones will suffer with no health care are right their bearing down on congress and watching which button they push for their vote.

By the way, the SCOTUS seems to be another one of those very dangerous gun free zones. I have this idea, lets arm a bunch of NAZI white supremacist ex cons who have experience with guns. Armed them and let them wander around unpaid throughout the Supreme court building...

I know, I know. Just letting the guns in there and when (and it is a matter of when) mass shooting takes place there.
Well, I have some thoughts and prayers for them.

Alexis Jester said...

The kids are all right. Us older millenials had no chance to make it right, as the boomers maintained their deathgrip on the levers of power. But finally, mercifully, the boomers are dying out. The reactionary hobgoblin that run the right are losing their hegemony as constant lever pulling apes for their GOP masters. The younger cohort is finally matter in enough electorally that we can break the hold.
We'll pry your ar-15's from your cold, out of a job congresscritters.

BW said...

I've never argued with gun owners over the 2nd, but as I sit on my screen porch in the evenings and listen to assorted weapon fire around me and wonder when a bullet will rip through my home (as two other neighbors have told me happened to them in recent days) I remember my late father's comment on guns; "The only people who need guns are the ones who own them." I've never seen the purpose or felt the need to buy one, although the country is awash with them. A Canadian friend says, "I love your country and I love the people, but what is it exactly you people have with guns? I've hunted all my life, but handguns and semi-automatics are just used to kill people. And why so many? That's just common sense." So much for my trying to explain our version of common sense to my Canadian friend. My generation grew up being taught to prepare for nuclear holocaust with our wooden and melamine desktops, and today's generation are being given similarly futile lessons on how to prepare for live shooters. Kudos to those Florida kids for figuring out that it's all about the money.

Robt said...

With the resurgence of "doing something about them darn violent video games".

The Violent movies out of Hollywood.

The NRA puts out videos with Dan Loesch threatening and calling for others to act on her threats for her and the NRA she is paid by.

But Dana, why is it the yearly NRA conference it puts on. Is always a gun free zone?
Can someone check on the citizenship of La Pierre and Loesch. They do not sound like they are traditional American names. Maybe the NRA private security can check them out?

Just saying.

Jeff said...

driftlass, this can't be right. Where are the Democrats? My both-siderist circuits are shorting out.

BW said...

A nice woman stopped in last week. We chatted. Over the weekend, her 19 year old son apparently accidentally shot and killed himself. It hasn't yet been determined if it was suicide, but no matter. The correct answer is more guns. A good guy with a gun is not only the ONLY thing that can protect us from bad guys with guns, but an armed, patriotic citizen could've shot the gun out of the hand of someone about to accidentally or intentionally kill him or herself.