Friday, March 23, 2018

Joe Scarborough: Cheeto-Stained Libtard Blogger

Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough ten years ago:
Scarborough attacked liberal bloggers for correcting McCain’s error, saying they were probably “just sitting there, eating their Cheetos” and saying, “Let me google Anbar Awakening!” He added, “Dust flying — Cheeto dust flying all over. They’re wiping it on their bare chest while their underwear — you know, their Hanes.”
Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough today:
Six decades of Republican overreach and corrosive causes have instead led to the rise of Donald Trump and a foreign policy run by John Bolton, an economy guided by Larry Kudlow and a legal team led by conspiracy theorist Joseph DiGenova. 

This was the predictable outcome of my Republican Party aligning its interests with the most cynical political operators of our time. The Atwaters, Manaforts, Gingriches and Roves leveraged a weaponized media culture that reduced politics to a secularized religion and consolidated political power and material wealth in the hands of its richest donors.
Yes, it was indeed predictable.  And it was, in fact, predicted, by those very same Cheeto-stained Libtard bloggers who Joe has spent his career mocking and ignoring.

What Joey Joe Joe Junior Scarborough failed to mention today is that he was not just completely cool with the racism, paranoia, pig-ignorance and outright sedition of his Republican Party for 59 of those 60 years, but has spent his entire adult life helping to build and profiting hugely from the Republican Monster Machine, and spent most of 2015 and 2016 fawning over his pal Donald Trump and granting him free softball, phone-in publicity anytime he wanted it.

But of course, now that the armada of Never Trump Republican lifeboats is nearing completion, we Cheeto-stained Libtard bloggers and our inconvenient recollections of the past as it actually happened are being written out of history entirely. And in our place, a future in which the spectrum of Acceptable Beltway Political Opinions will run the gamut from the likes of Joe Scarborough, David Brooks and Bill Kristol on one side and Rich Lowry, Ben Domenech and Erick Erickson on the other is being assembled right before our eyes.

Because when you can control the cameras, control the script and dress the set of your teevee show with sycophantic human throw pillows who know that their paychecks depend on never pushing back on your revisionist bullshit in any way, you can get away with murder.

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Neo Tuxedo said...

You can certainly get away with having an intern found dead in your office and cremated without an autopsy. No, I haven't forgotten Lori Klausitis, and I don't intend to until either Joey Joe Joe Junior is gone from the airwaves or Fox so-called News gives Gary Condit his own show.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Unnecessary update: Joey Joe Joe Junior and I remember [DEL: Budapest :DEL] 1998 very differently. About an hour ago as I type this, he was talking about Trump's omnibus spending bill and comparing it to the one for which, as he recalls, he and his fellow Congressional Republicans threw Newt Gingrich out in 1998. And here I thought at the time, and had gone right on thinking, Snoot was thrown out for his second round of adultery, and only because Larry Flynt decided to tell the world about it.

(Side note: where would we be today if Flynt had pulled the trigger on Dennis Hastert's wrestling activities instead of backing off after Gingrich and Livingston? If he'd kept exposing skeletons as long as the Republicans kept putting up candidates with dirt to dish? If he'd let all the poisons that were lurking in the mud hatch out?

"If only they had told us! Clearly! When it was clear that we were not only corrupt -- for there is nothing that is not, or little -- but corrupt to the selfishness, to the corruption that we should die to keep it..."
-- Edward Albee, Box)