Friday, February 02, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #426

"I am not a crook."
-- Richard M. Nixon
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VonWenk said...

I was listening to Meet the Press Daily the day the Democratic congressman was on and also admired he didn't back down from Chuck Todd. I'm somewhat disappointed, however, that you didn't mention how Todd came raised the point again that protecting the Dreamers was solely in the hands of Donald Trump when the congressman wasn't there to disagree with him. And he and Ruth Marcus chiding Hillary Clinton for not saying exactly what Marcus wanted her to say about Clinton's handling of a ten-year-old sexual harassment complain was at least among the top five offensive things I heard this week, along with Sarah Huckabee Sanders' saying that Nancy Pellosi smiling more would better for the country (nothing Orwellian about that!) and, I think, the head of the Conservative Union, on Hardball, asserting that Donald Trump had a right to know who his appointees voted for. Wasn't party membership being a key to advancement a characteristic of Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union?

When the train carrying Republicans collided with a truck, I felt no sympathy for the legislators on the train.

jim said...

History: it's not just about wars & dead white dude divas any more!

The public record is Memory Hole Ipecac, it varies between cheap & free & it's a mother-lode of raw material for the kind of documentaries & ads that can give Rove, Luntz, Srone at al PTSD.

A little timely education can go a long way - just ask Petra Kelly ... who I imagine would have had something enlightening to say by now about Die Grünen being reified by certain Yankees as an ancillary crypto-fascist ratfuckery gland, were it not for her astronomically suspicious suicide.

Also too, Fake Hannity is Best Hannity of all time.

dinthebeast said...

There were some, er, let's call them misguided people who during the election were saying shit like "Trump has to get elected to blow up the system so we can reform it" and other such similar horse shit, and I called it that in real time, but as Blue Gal said about Satan, now that we've got the bastard, we do need to use his utter repugnance to stuff his party into the political mud for a long, long time.
Thank you again for the podcast, with the speed the atrocities have been flying at us this week, it was good, no it was necessary, to slow down and remember what it is we're fighting for, for a while.

-Doug in Oakland

dinthebeast said...

Oh, and I almost forgot: About Fergus' legal MO.
You are correct that he employs a third tier mob approach to dealing with the law, and as Malcolm Nance put it, he acts like he's still dealing with an assistant DA in Manhattan when he's really facing down the "wood chipper of justice".

-Doug in Oakland