Saturday, February 10, 2018

Both Siderism Uber Alles

In today's episode, former Wall Street Journal employee and Obvious New York Times Merit Hire (h/t Brother Charlie Pierce), Bari Weiss, uses her magical New York Times powers to Both Sides the shit out of the #MeToo movement:
Not to be outdone, former Wall Street Journal employee and New York Times in-house climate change denier, Bret Stephens, uses his magical New York Times powers to dispense Mulligans for child sexual assault commited under certain, very specific circumstance:

Sensing a rising tide, America's most prominent Gay Tory Catholic True Conservative Public Intellectual Internet Quitter, Andrew Sullivan, swiftely took one more massive bong hit to steel himself for the work ahead, peered owlishly from the slit window of his palatial dorm room high atop the tallest ivory tower in Washington D.C. to see what he could see, and quickly got to work writing a Column of Urgent Warning on the Dangers of the Dirty Commie Liberal menace lurking on every college campus in American.

Or rather re-writing the same bullshit Column of Urgent Warning on the dirty Commie Liberal menace which has already written a dozen, dozen times.

This time Mr. Sullivan was prompted by some African-American woman somewhere who finally told him to shut the fuck up and peddle his myopic privileged twaddle elsewhere:
I was at an event earlier this week — not on a campus — when I made what I thought was the commonplace observation that Jim Crow laws no longer exist. Uncomprehending stares came back at me. What planet was I on? Not only does Jim Crow still exist, but slavery itself never went away! When I questioned this assertion by an African-American woman, I was told it was “not my place” to question her reality. After all, I’m white.
Of course, Mr. Sullivan doesn't doubt that our nation's child-like wimmin and the colored folk are well-intentioned --
Look: I don’t doubt the good intentions of the new identity politics — to expand the opportunities for people previously excluded. 
but Marxism! 
But what we have now is far more than the liberal project of integrating minorities. It comes close to an attack on the liberal project itself. Marxism with a patina of liberalism on top is still Marxism
Which is according to Mr. Sullivan just as bad (here it comes) as the authoritarian racism and misogyny of President Stupid and his party of bigots and imbeciles who now run the entire federal government:
...and it’s as hostile to the idea of a free society as white nationalism is.
And he sticks the landing!

So just how knee-walking stupid was this iteration of Mr. Sullivan's go-to "Campus Marxist Speech Codes are the Real Danger" screed?

So stupid that Joe Scarborough raised up Andrew Sullivan as a Man For Our Times.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what money and media inbreeding has done to our national discourse.

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tony in san diego said...

This is so stupid: Marx did not have an "-ism". He was not a polemicist, he was an analyst. If the facts seem to bear out his analysis, then he was a good analyst.

dinthebeast said...

From Princess Sparkle Pony's Twitter:

"Peter Huestis‏

Love 2 keep this tweet handy.

Peter Huestis added,
Peter Huestis
Andrew Sullivan can, of course, fuck off."

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

This comment,
"the cravenness of Republicans and the cluelessness of Democrats".

When ever critically addressing a republican failure on a volcanic eruption scale. Always trash the Dems with even a straw man if you have nothing else.

Benghazi Select committee

Kevin McCarthy asked on Hannity show, Devin replies, "We created a select Benghazi committee to use tax dollars to smear HRC from the House of Reps.

When it was flailing and had nothing else to lie about and leak. Het, Remember HRC used a private server? We are going to use our committee to make HRC attack ads with tax dollars.

Chair of Select Committe Trey Gowdy closing investigation of select committee of HRC and Benghazi and ending on emails.

Trey officially stated, " As you know I was a prosecutor before congress and I found nothing that I would take HRC into court to prosecute her with ".
In other words, Our fake committee to leak lies as attack ads and the cost effectiveness to the GOP using Tax Dollars is something we are very proud of and how well it all worked "..

Tribalism? Both Sides?

majority control of Congress with that power and legally no power Democratic Party can employ.

So when he criticizes Republican malfeasance and abusive behavior with the power they entrusted with.

he has to slight on the Democratic party where he confuses clueless with zero power to stop".

They confront and speak out and vote in opposition. That is what he calls clueless............

This would be called my partisan opinion by them. Dismissing "Bothsides" is not honest journalism after the facts and the truth.

Lit3Bolt said...

Shorter Andrew Sullivan: "We must let our abusive, racist, misogynist, barbaric institutions reign supreme lest equality and egalitarianism take over. So sayeth Burke and Oakeshott. As a shrewish conservative woman-hating and black-hating white male, I have no vested interest in said institutions."


jim said...

To swipe an adorable scrap of flounce from the veteran 101st Keyboarders: if you're taking this much flak you must be over the target.

You say discourse, I say smarmy privileged snivels of reliably loyal accomplices.

They know the social tsunami against sexual terrorism via patriarchy is going to shift focus from the erotic to the economic soon which scares them shitless, with good & abundant reasons. The spear-tip of feminist social justice threatens to become a sword of radical evolution that their tribe can never tolerate because it's the antithesis of all that morbid acquisitive neurosis they've been defending for lo all these crusty dusty millennia.

Girls just made shit get all the way real.
Boys still not over it - or caught up yet.

Neo Tuxedo said...

In short, with polished intellect and soul authoritarian, he is the very model of a New York Times contrarian!

Robt said...

You ccannot dismiss the programmed robotic GOP base

With there program to hate political correctness.
The words "political correctness" (PC) is a trigger word for GOPers to click on the PC hate program.

When Shirley Sherrod was accused. And it could have been anything. They used PC against her and wanted the expedient lynching and got it.
Like Trump and his Central Park 5 lynching demand. They got their day in court and justice prevailed. Sherrod, well she got fired without due process.

Where was the coverage of Denny Hastert? talk about news coverage blackouts.

This was Speaker of the house (3 to the presidency!!). Newter, his corruption and adultery escapades cause GOP to oust him with their PC majority.

He is rewarded with a life time free speech to lie ticket on any network at any time to tell Americans "Tings" Americans who want Newt to take his corruption amassed wealth and go live in his gated rat nest.

We see the justice the PC the standards waffle as they pour syrup on for the GOP.
People in Trump's justice system can commit fraud and steal from people via weak legitimate appearing businesses. (oh, banks too). When caught and in court. The judge offers his opinion to Trump to settle out of court because the Judge and jury are going to find you guilty.
Trump can settle, pay back some of the money he stole but keeps some as well. No criminal record.

Bank robber gets caught and goes to court.
He doesn't get to just repay on a settlement the money he stole and simply apologize for those harmed. and Settle without criminal adjudication.

When the media all start opinionating on how FOX and the GOP (president included) are consiring thru media to damage the public jury (mainly GOP base) that a formal special prosecutor has no business investigating a person in power (above the law defense).
That Nixon would never be impeached or had to resign if he had a FOX.

They are telling us 2 things
* The GOP majority control decides what the law is without legislating it.

*The justice system for you is a punishing unforgiving one. While the other one with the real Americans understands mistakes, privileges, importance of wealth's power over others. Oh, and the chosen ones to serve and do the bidding of their masters. That demand they be our masters.

I have noticed like on the AM Joy
MSNBC will book (paid Trump/GOP) hacks to come on and spew the GOP mantra of the day in defending the origin of incompetence, hate and corruption.

You see Joy ask the GOP booked hack a specific question on a subject. Say Porter's special treatment.
Right away, the hack begins to speak about Bill Clinton or anything but..!

Joy cuts them off, tells them they aren't on to repeat rehearsed instructed talking points off subject that they are on the Trump payroll to do.

She gives them another chance to address specific topic (question) as they return to Bill Clinton or JFK and Marilyn Monroe. Joy stops them and turns to one of the other guests to speak.

My problem is, they get these same parrot hacks return book to a future show.

I guess my question is,
Is there not true believers the networks can put on that aren't paid and can answer questions without the Heritage foundations parrot reguritaged attack prepared non answer.