Thursday, February 08, 2018

A Reckoning Is Coming


Chan Kobun said...

It must be nice to believe that.

Habitat Vic said...

A reckoning is sorely needed in this country. Something to at least reverse, if not correct/restrict, the outsized non-democratic power that has acrued to Conservative Republicans. And, Boy Howdy, could that get messy. 25% at least, maybe 35% of our fellow citizens are ready to follow Hair Fuhrer to any extremes: cancelled elections, maybe martial law. Violence? Hell yes, too many 30+ year Fox/Hate Radio indoctrinated types with lots of guns & constantly stoked with anger and conspiracy theories. Some (hopefully, quite quite small) percentage of them will go nuts if Trump is removed/impeached. Likely to the point of blood spilled. Libtard blood. Because Freedumb. And Prosperity Jesus.

And yet, it will be worse if we DON'T have a reckoning. Trump impeached, but no changes to election financing/redistricting/media-consolidation? A minor setback, just a "pause" for billionaires/corporations. A term or two of Democrats, so what? Obama was just a temporary reprieve for the 99% between W and tRump. Federalist judges will put the brakes on any attempts to undo Republican damage to our society.

And as for America "waking up" when (if) everyone sees how bad Republicans & Trump have become? Not likely. After Nixon's self destruction, it was all of one term for Jimmy Carter before Reagan started to destroy this country again.

For fuck's sake, Recontruction in the South after the Civil War only held up for about 12 years. One could argue that the USA never really had their reckoning wrt slavery. Did the rich get their comeuppance after the Great Depression? Meh, maybe a little, but only for about 40 years.

We're going to pay a price if the Reckoning comes (and I hope it does). We'll pay an even steeper price if it doesn't.

Habitat Vic said...

Chan Kobun,

Given Driftglass' literary bent, you missed out on using a famous ending line as your reply:

"Yes, isn't it pretty to think so."

Lawrence said...

Digby reports that Nunes considered summoning Chief Justice Roberts to testify about his involvement in assigning judges to the FISA court and if Roberts understood the proper procedures. Please proceed, sir.

jim said...

Quite so - if by "coming" you mean "happening."

This orgy of pathology is the harvest of decades of socially engineered public negligence. The Grand Project to distract, terrorize, confuse & narcotize people to legitimize & enforce civic alienation on behalf of the usual suspects is bearing fruit. Reform has been one desperate need that there's been true global non-partisanship in postponing indefinitely wherever it so much as inconveniences corporate culture, let alone impedes it - & the reckoning that culture is now wreaking is open-ended & very dangerous indeed.

Ol' Mickey Gorbachev went Full Jesus in 1990 & handed humanity the biggest mulligan of all time ... & humanity promptly used it for toilet paper. The latent global yearning for a magic Mecha-Gorbachev to moonwalk down a rainbow & bail homo-saps out all over again today is as intense as it is surreal. Ignoring history, math & science didn't head-fake them into ignoring us back after all, but making the evolutionary leap out of that particular suicidal social fallacy in praxis is bound to be about as sexy as pernicious anemia to a humanity snuggling deep into a Renaissance of consumerism. The progress toward that leap since circa 2005 in terms of industrial detox & energy conservation has been remarkable - & perilously slow in arriving. Like the Terminator, cause & effect do not respond well to negotiation aiming to negate them.


Robt said...

Someone call the Capitol police animal control division...!.

We have a Mad Dog running loose in the White House.