Friday, January 19, 2018

Professional Left Podcast #424

"My aim, then, was to whip the rebels, to humble their pride, to follow them to their inmost recesses, and make them fear and dread us. Fear is the beginning of wisdom. "
-- William Tecumseh Sherman
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DeistPaladin said...

[deadpan sarcasm]
I'm so proud to be a Kentuckian.

jim said...

FISA-memo-ghaaaazi-Gate reeks from upwind. The trope of nefarious Deep State ops run by operators too dim to cover their tracks is straight outta X-Files/Efram Zimbalist Jr. territory. Telling that once they got their shiny FusionGPS fidget-spinner they skipped out on nearly all the actual inconvenient dullsville testimony.

*** SAVAGE PWN ***

SMILE OF THE DAY: the Special Prosecutor remains employed & is not affected by a government shutdown.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Listening to the podcast right now, and just got through the portion about, "if you didn't help us during Trump, stand out of the way while we fix your mess." My question is: did Joe Scarborough ever apologize for helping to give us Mr. Trump, and I just forgot about it? Because, as a regular reader of C&L, I see the occasional article about, "listen to the bad thing Joe Scarborough said about Donald Trump." But if he's never admitted he was part of the problem, should we be letting him join those of us trying to provide the solution?

Maybe he apologized. Maybe I forgot about it. If that's the case, I suck and I apologize. But as it stands, whenever I see a headline about how he's trying to be an anti-Trump firefighter, I don't even read the article due to him giving gasoline to the people who started the fire in the first place.

Be seeing you.

John M. Hall said...

Weird how over 30 years ago the Lord of the Republicans, Ronald Reagan, wanted Mr. Gorbachev to "tear down that wall" and now that same party and its dear leader Trump want to build a wall.

Then again, the one wall separated a country's people while this one will separate us from "criminals and rapists".

These people are the f*cking worst.

BongoShaftsbury1 said...

A 65 years and older age restriction for elected officials seems arbitrary. I'd be amenable to banning them from voting though.

dinthebeast said...

It's not like we want to kick the older folks out of the party, or let them drift off on an ice floe, we need their knowledge and expertise to help us clean up the Republicans' mess in time to still get some of our agenda passed. Kind of the opposite of what the Republicans are doing now.
But god damn it, we have a moment in history happening here, and like you said, some of us have been around long enough to recognize the very beginning stages of it when we see it, and it's about women, mostly, but also about winning the involvement of the next generation.
I think most of us still see the future as the time after we have wrenched the controls away from these nihilistic fucks (again) but then what do we do? Or how do we do it?
What we do is take advantage of this tidal wave of young candidates we are blessed with just now, SUPPORT THEM, and trust them and ourselves to do the things we all seem to want done.
We all have our parts to play in this all-hands-on-deck situation, and maybe the old names that inspire comfort in us need updating with new names and new inspirations, because as inviting as comfort is in these stressful times, we need energy more.
This is a fight. I believe we will win, but the struggle will be with us even so, as nothing worth having comes without one.
Thank you again for the podcast, this one was stellar, and I think I got some new listeners for you from some of the less political blogs I read.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Let me get this straight.
The small or no federal government republican white supremacist forgotten coal miner hoped up on opioids.
Not only did not get one of them brought into the white house but didn't even replace a "Deep Stater"?

The voted for Trump and republicans to run a big government to take care of them? Bring coal jobs / jobs back. They looked to republican Gov't to care for them? What sort of dependency do republicans call that?
They look to big Government to protect them from immigrants (Mexico) by building a wall?

Can we get republicans to explain their pandering to their voters on their dependency on big government? What happened to the rugged individualism they brag of?
They look to government as daddy to take care of them. Isn't that what GOP used to slur liberals who spoke of Good government for a good society?

The religious right look to GOP and government to give them the religious legal right to impose their bigotry on other Americans. They want Government to keep their tax exemption even when they break the tax exemption laws. Not to mention they lobby for Gov't to provide money to them (religious Orgs) to provide services to people in need. Only that their biases of who is worthy presents selective assistance.
While corporations near legalizes Asbestos again for all sorts of use. Maybe DDT wasn't so bad.We still have Asbestos related cancer killing Americans and there is too much regulations? Too much government? Here in my town, there was a lead smelting plant. lead found its way into acres of land. Backyards of many homes where kids playing in the lead contaminated dirt now have health problems. They still have funding from the EPA to clean this up.

It is a red state and GOP government haters. My senators nor my House Rep will never reply to my iquiries of this subject. The smelting plant had went backrupt and closed. Leaving the city county and state with the problem because they refused to hold the company responsible.
So they are fine with you folks in other states paying for this clean up. While they condemn government regulations and Big Daddy government taking care of everybody.

So again,
Time to address the GOP's (and their voters) who claim their conservative and want small or no federal gov.. To be called out every heavens time they decry big government.

Because they want big Government to punish people they do not like. Which is a lot of people.

VonWenk said...

@BongoShaftsbury1: If that was meant to funny, you failed. There's nothing funny about taking away anyone's voting rights, especially on the grounds of your not liking how they're voting. Even when I'm tempted to suggested a some sort of civics assessment, I flash back to Jim Crow laws and stop myself.

Since the qualifications for president are specified in the Constitution, I believe an age limit on running for president would require an amendment to the Constitution. Besides, I am not ready to discount the value of experience. If a Democratic Congress wants to legislate an annual checkup and certification of the president's health, I have no problem with that, but, as with term limits, the best safeguard against a president who's not up to the rigors of the jobs should be the voters.

Robt said...

To who they put in to run-down Government.

From Nixon and his crime family (and Agnew). How they trashed and undermined Carter to get Reagan. Oliver North anyone?

Obstruction and investigative "Hunting" of Bill Clinton.
Delay, Gingrich, Hastert, Rove, Rehnquist, Thomas, GW, Cheney, FOX's Tony Snow, Boehner, Ryan, McConnelll, the Appellation trail walker.

They tried to investigate Obama and hunt him. He was to formadable so HRC and the likes of Susan Rice they settled on. But obstruction never seen before and shrilling cries of racism for Birth certificates built an anger for athe next election. Built on bearing false witness.

Now Trump, Tom Price Betsy Ditsy etc.

How about 2 of my favorites.
Sabastian Gorka;
Trump brought in a immigrant white supremacist into the white house with Gorka. Taking America born native job. While a warrant is out on him in his home country. The fugitive hides in the US White House.

Rick Perry;
GOP Texas governnor who notably called for his state to secede because of a black president. A sort of figure head governor who relies on the Lt Gov. to perform most of the state business. Perry has a bachelor degree in in animal anatomy from a state college in Texas. He earn a certificate of completion from Bible studies at his church.. While running for president, could not recall the (dept of energy) name of one of 3 that he wanted to abolish.

Pluck from Dancing with the Stars by Trump to head the Dept of Energy. He so wanted the job of the Dept he wanted to abolish he said all the nicest things to get confirmed.
But he did not know (for real) that the Dept of energy regulated nuclear (stuff).

The last several Energy Dept Secs. had multiple degrees in Physics, nuclear power etc.
But Perry did invest in Dakota Access oil pipeline and that was enough energy background to make decisions to regulate all energies for the nation and regulate (or not).

The mentionable Mike Flynn;
Who was given the position of national security council to the president while on the payroll of Turkey and possibly Russia.

last but not at all least:
The leading white supremacist who unified the NAZIS, KKK, anti Smitic and all around haters. Brought him right in to the White House for his specific talents of bigotry.

Does Trump hire the best people or what?

You must agree, When Trump hired Gorka (white supremacist and few year immigrant over the unemployed USA born unemployed forgotten Opioid addicted coal miner.
That is hiring the best ever.

Makes me so proud as a tax payer to pay his salary and health care.

BongoShaftsbury1 said...

@VonWenk It was meant to be ironic.
During the 2016 Democratic Primary, there were a lot of negative comments and jokes made about Bernie's age. He's five years older than Hillary.
Ironically (there's that word again), many of her blue-checked supporters, like Joan Walsh, Anne Lamott, Debra Messing and even some Crooks & Liars editors disparaged the millennials who backed Bernie. They called them lazy, immature, and ill-informed, White privileged brats living in their parents basements. Here's the thing though, the White Bernie Bros & Broads voted overwhelmingly for Hillary, even the males under 30. OTOH Whites over 30, even White women voted for Trump.
Obviously you can't deny a citizen's right to vote or run for office. I don't even believe it's possible to change people's minds. The only recourse for an old copywriter like me is to try and get diffident youngsters jazzed about voting for Democrats, make older Republicans feel insecure about their dandruff and receding gum lines.