Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Matthew Dowd is a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

At this point, Mr. Dowd's profoundly malfunctioning psyche aligns so perfectly with his chosen career as a professional Both Siderism stooge --
-- that it is impossible to suss out where one ends and the other begins.


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Robt said...

You think Dowd was chasing a porn star around in his tidy whities during all the years of the republican Brotherhood extreme purity purging?

I don't recall Dowd's queries of civility by republicans to reach out during the 6 short years of Obama?
Dowd was demanding Obama have a drink with McConnell. The flea infested snapping Turtle of one term president agenda.

Sure Dowd forgives Trump's trespasses against morality, humanity and reality.

Which gets us where exactly?

Anonymous said...

Exactly, Robt.

jim said...

You say fundamentally ridiculous, I say fundamentally malevolent.

Count the number of heads of state who register as Independent.

Progressive culture ascendant inside a major party is a social force to be reckoned with. Progressive culture safely quarantined in an Independent political purity ghetto is a trivial externality that can occasionally be humored & otherwise ignored, permanently. No way in hell an old apparatchik like Dowd is "ridiculous" enough not to know this.

Here are TWO suggestions for Senators who want to bring common sense to DC & build consensus: mandatory psych evaluations passed with flying colors before being seated & pay/benefits contingent on policy passed that produces tangible social benefit to the Republic.

Caucus, schmaucus.