Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Matthew Dowd Remains a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Honestly, if Mr. Matthew Dowd were just some blatherskite hipster on a Reddit thread who, at the ripe age of 20 (and a half!), was absolutely certain he had a better bead on the rich, rancid tapestry that is modern American politics (Disrupt!  End the Kr'upt Duopoly!  Both Sides!  Jill Stein Woulda Won!) than hopelessly compromised old farts like me, I wouldn't care.  Hell, I was that arrogant neckbeard myself many centuries ago so how can I not love the sinner while hating the sin?

But Mr. Matthew Dowd is not some political gamin fresh off the turnip truck.  Mr. Dowd is my age.  Mr. Dowd was the architect of George W. Bush's 2004 re-election campaign.  Mr. Dowd is paid a substantial amount of money by ABC News to act as their chief political analyst.  And Mr. Dowd has spent the last few years supping very profitably at the toxic Both Sides Do It trough.

In other words, whether Mr. Dowd knowingly lies about politics for a living or really is a simpleton who has no fucking clue about politics, what the fuck is he doing on the teevee with the title ABC News' chief political analyst?

It is this mystery, and Mr. Dowd's aggressively outraged reaction to anyone who points out that he talks right out of his ass, which amuses and depresses the hell out of me.  Because the only answer as to why a clown like Mr. Dowd is the political face of ABC News' or why Mr. Chuck Todd continues to the host of Meet the Press or why Mr. David Brooks continues to occupy a privileged and impregnable position at the top America's Very Serious Media is that the people who own the cameras and the microphones and the printing presses want our national political conversations to be this fucking stupid and hollow.  

So today, let's do a very simple thing.  Let's compare and contrast the professional analysis of ABC News' chief political analyst from one year ago with the professional analysis of the very same ABC News' chief political analyst almost exactly one year later.


Mr. Dowd one year ago:

Mr. Dowd today:
It has taken a full year of Oval Office racism, treason, conspiracy mongering and incessant lying... the public capitulation the Republican party to an unhinged madman...

...all while the reprogrammable Republican meatbag base cheered every bit of it

...for ABC News' chief political analyst to begin to grudgingly catch up with where we dirty, hippie Libtards were decades ago.

A year that has been just chock full of prattle like this:

And now,  because you've been very good, Snoopy vs. The Red Baron.

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dinthebeast said...

"We need more leaders like Goldilocks tale..."

Those aren't leaders, Matt, those are followers. And they will follow the relentless march of the Republicans to the right until they find a cliff to fall off of, after which they will of course blame it on the Democrats.
You know that, Matt. We know you do. You have an employment history.

-Doug in Oakland

Hutchman said...

I tried to post this gentle screed on Bobo's Fecebook page, but of course I don't have the necessary permissions to disturb his beauty sleep/circle jerk. Maybe you could forward it to him.

Jesus Aitch Keerist on a Krutch - how can you continue, day after day after fucking day, cranking out unintelligible, unbelieveable horseshit like your latest column (oh, wait, it's not your latest, is it? It's chapter the Infinity of the same godawful stupid arrogant ignorant fucking crap you've been sliding under the door at the Times for like forever). I only wish there were a forum for those of us who are sick to death of your blithering Both Sider defense of the Republican morons who have been driving this country over a cliff for lo these 40 years, with the willing cooperation of overpaid underedited no-talent cocksuckers like you, and ChuckTurd, and Dowd, and Noonan, and Kristol, and Hewitt and on and on and on. Unfortunately even the news outlets popularly known as "liberal" are infested with these ex-Repug operatives, who suck up the budgets of organizations that should be engaged in actually investigating the criminal and treasonous activities of your beloved Right Wing fascist "conservatives". None of you would recognize a true conservative intellectual if you had one stuck up your ass, not least because none have existed for roughly 40 years. If I believed even a little bit in the power of prayer my daily plea would be that you and every one of the chickenshit apologists for treason that infect the elite media in this country would, before the next sunrise, die screaming in agony. Fuck you all, and you first, Davey. Fuck you all.

Robt said...

The is a simple political rule Dowd does not want to apply.

There is no both sides when one political party holds majority control of the House, Senate and Presidency. Not leaving out, the stolen SCOTUS seat to own a Supreme Court by inserting a activist conservative judge (Gorsuch).

Under these conditions. There is only one side controlling every out come. responsible for every failure. All over reach, bad harmful legislation.
Failure of policies. lack of the peoples general welfare. While la viciously pampering most every whim to the very wealthy and powerful. Ingratiating themselves that every gratuity they can bestow on these elites is like a job interview for a life time comfort position.

Need an example? (here Dowd).

When Dems had Majority in only the Senate and held the Presidency (without the SCOTUS).
The senate passed a very decent bipartisan immigration bil that would have upgraded many old obsolete laws adding newer appropriate. President agreed.
With a high vote count in agreement (from D and R's. The House held by republicans in the Do Nothing and obstruct everything mode by the republican hose majority. This legislation failed to pass and your view today in the oblivious policy of engineering nuclear fusion without knowing what it is and driving there blind.
It becomes both sides are responsible for this mess.

1) Dems allowed republicans to represent their states in devising . Can up with a decent upgrade. Votes in Senate reflect that process.
President had his influence and is in agreement to sign.
The House would not even bring it to the floor when the senate sent it to them. We don't even know what their disagreements would have been.
And the minority Dems in the house were denied to represent their districts.

You cannot tell me today with GOP complete control of all of government. Are only partially responsible for not earnestly legislating immigration realistically using their power in a inclusion manner .

Who is in control? Who has the power right now to do something about anything. It is all one side Matthew......!

In my opinion, Dowd fits on FOX. So he wants to plagiarize the FOX and fake his way through his gig. Less effort same pay.

Not interested in freedom of the press and why you would consider being in that constitutionally protected informing to help the democracy breath.
Seems to be lost on Dowd.

bowtiejack said...

". . . the people who own the cameras and the microphones and the printing presses want our national political conversations to be this fucking stupid and hollow. "

Nailed it.

trgahan said...

". . . the people who own the cameras and the microphones and the printing presses want our national political conversations to be this fucking stupid and hollow. "

It is what makes it so fucking aggravating to hear veteran journalists who do good work and take their job seriously lament "America's poor media/political/etc. literacy" for our current situation while entirely ignoring the above statement and the mountain of evidence supporting it.

The media's eternal over focus on the Former-Silent-Majority-Former-Tea-Partier-Now-White-Working-Class-Abandoned-By-Democrats fee fee's and the reasons they don't trust the media intentionally ignores the other +50% who don't trust the media because they know the above statement is true.