Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Dear New York Times

I'm going to tell you something that none of your so-called "friends" will tell you.  A hard truth, but an important truth that can help you break out of this destructive cycle of infantile infatuation with assholes that is ruining your reputation.


Here it is.

It doesn't matter how much you perfume yourself, or how many times you swipe right on Trailer Trash Tinder.  It doesn't matter how high you hike up your gray lady skirts.  And it doesn't how much you rouge up your ass and wave it around like a chacma baboon in heat.

The Trump meatheads are never gonna love you.

Never, never, ever.

And how do you know you can trust me?

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Andrew Johnston said...

You know how it is - Our Wonderful Newsmedia decided to commemorate MLK Day by talking to some black folk, so of course we had to balance that out with an extra helping of the Self-Destructive Racist Cracker Report. It's only fair - I mean, white folks have so little these days...

dinthebeast said...

The Rude Pundit offered up one he figures they wouldn't publish:

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

But in screwing the forgotten coala miners promise so much to.

Why does everyone else have to get screwed?

Misery Feel more superior with company?

These Trump people are the same who repeated , 'your with us or against us" during GW Bush war stealing.

They really believe the Tea Party was a grass roots immaculate conception.

They also voted to tear down, rip apart society and it's Government. Their God and their militias would take control and rein freedumb on us all by the word of their God leading us to the rapture.

Once technology can have verbal words spoken from a news print opinion page by the writer. Alex Jones will then take Brooks' place.

Jones can't, because he hasn't evolved enough to learn journalism, penmanship and approaching thought methodically.

It is like cable news. For every 10 republicans on to rant. There is 1 liberal brought on to balance it out but must be interrupted and interrogatied for what republicans blamed them for.

NYT revisiting stupid equals the stupid they originally met with.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Good morning, Mr. Glass.

Let's get a-quotin'...

"Yes, he is embarrassing. Yes, he picks unnecessary fights."
"If it takes putting up with Mr. Trump’s brash ways to see things get done, that is a deal I’m willing to accept. To be honest, I’m not sure he would have accomplished what he has so far without being an unrelenting public bully."
"Opinion polls give Mr. Trump a low rating, and I would, too, for character, personality and temperament."
"Now volatility is our friend. The more chaos, the better!"
"What I like least about his presidency so far is the tweeting. It’s often immature and lowers the tone of the debate while debasing the office of the presidency."
"Granted we have the most unpresidential president of our time. Crude, rude, clueless dude — but I believe, with the help of his friends, he’s stumbling through one of the most effective presidencies in memory."
"Mr. Trump’s language is often inappropriate and juvenile, and I had hoped he would rise to his new position."
"Mr. Trump is a vulgarian in the way he tweets and sometimes talks."

These are his supporters.

On a historical note, I'd be curious how many dumb, crude, humiliating, chaos-inspiring, man-children have gone down in history as great political leaders.

Be seeing you.

justsomeguy05 said...

The elites think that they have to highlight voices that are outside of THEIR mainstream.
The alternative to highlighting right wing populism would be highlighting LEFT wing populism.
And that can not be allowed because it would include critiques of capitalism - and its corrupting influence on every institution - including the US political system, and the media.

justsomeguy05 said...

Andrew Johnston :

They talk to some black folk because Kings broader messages have been forgotten.
After 40 years of "scrubbing". his broader messages - social justice, anti-war, the ravages of capitalism, the need to care about each other - have been forgotten.
Most folks (of any color)now think that his only message was that he "had a dream" of equality for people of his own skin color.

From your comment, I am sure you know this. But the majority of people do not.

mahatma kanejeeves said...

social theory explains the persistence and ubiquity of DFB

trgahan said...

Because maintaining the 30%'s illusion that they are an oppressed 80% is the only way the 1% can keep looting the place with abandon.

...and I am sure there was a full page of Obama supporting letters back in 2009 right? It's not like they turned over their editorial page to a bunch of pundits writing about how Obama had betrayed us already.

ziply said...

Same planet, different universes... (h/t Gary Larson)

Jim H. said...

The Gray Lady doesn't want to be accused of being a Fox bubble on the left. This matters to someone, but not to the Fox bubble. Maybe it makes the editorial staff feel good about themselves. Meanwhile, Fox and Trump will continue to deride them mercilessly as they work to establish their alt-media.

RUKidding said...

Back in 2009 the NYT was also providing these racist slob jerks with a platform to spout and fume about "divisive Nobummer the KenyanNaziCommieTraitorBlahJerk." They were called the Tea Baggers then, and that sent tingles up everyone's legs in the "establishment," apparently.

Now they're called Trump supporters.

Same old, diff'rent day.

The laughingly labled "lefty" (ha ha jokes on you) NYT - which has never, ever truly been leftwing - continues to be a mouthpiece for the 1% and suck up to meatheaded racist, nasty, homophobic, sexist, Nazi GOP voters.

I don't think the NYT does this in order to get Trump voters to buy their paper/online subs or even to read their articles. It's just the same old, same old: conservatives, no matter what, are always "right," while leftists, no matter what, are always wrong.

Ergo, let's read some purportedly "heartwarming" guzzle from this "economically anxious" racist White Supremacist Nazi shithole male from back of bumfeck USA so we can all "learn" about the reasons why he is still a true believer in his tinpot gawd, Dolt 45, which somehow indicates why the rest of us on the left are wrong, whilst Trump's racist shithole Nazi fans are correct in their vapid Rush/Fox-dictated propangandized belief systems.

Or something...

IOW, it's on the same continuum as David Fucking Brooks' vapid b.s. scrawlings, which somehow purport to be something or other, as well as Both Sides! Both Sides!

Robt said...

How do I get the media to recognize me (folks like minded) that are victimized and forgotten.

The forgotten little guy coal miner was addressed by the campaigns. Trump told them he would use big government to return their coal mining jobs so they can escape the changing reality. HRC, was so harsh and rude to these American heroes by telling them there is a new way forward they can adapt to with (again) help from big Government.

The very big bad evil government they regard in so much hate for. A government they vote people in to represent them that do no such thing. Continue to vote for people that do nothing for them.

Can only blame people that are not and have not had the power or opportunity to represent them. For doing nothing and not representing them.

They hear the Hannity to the Trump clamoring aloud of rugged individualism and breaking dependency of Gov't. They ride that pony through the soulless desert of programmed targeted hate of others that are to blame.

Because a Serpent was mentioned in the Bible along with Moses's staff turning into a snake .
This equates to traveling snake handling preacher shows. Where the preacher shows how blessed he is by God. In the manner of handling a poisonous snake. Which requires the acknowledge blessed contributions for the snake profit.

It is why to this day, there are traveling preacher snake handlers
Every now and then, you can read the rare small news article where the son of a son of a son who learned his blessed snake handling from his father. Took over the "business". while putting on a Sermon (snake show), gets bit by the poisonous sake and dies.
Only for his son to take over.

As with the Snake handling preacher trade, so goes the forgotten coal miner who defies his hate for Gov't for the manner in which he refuses to adapt to a changing world.

No need to remember all those who lost employment during the great recession. The thousands to be laid off from AT&T, Sam's Club closings, etc. Only Coal miners are forgotten ?

dinthebeast said...

Sam Bee has had enough of the white working class Trumper fluffing also:

-Doug in Oakland