Friday, December 08, 2017

Who Reads Shit Like This And Thinks --

-- "I have got to find a way to get this sniveling racist man-pig to speak at my university because we deeply value lively, honest debate about important issues facing our country"?

Or better yet, how about a free platform on a major American news network to whine about how cruelly the freedom of speech for sniveling, racist man-pigs like him is being restricted?

From ABC News:
Outspoken conservative Ben Shapiro on whether free speech still has a place on college campuses
 Funny old world.


Kevin Hayden said...

Apparently he was fed at the trough of Pam Geller where nothing will ever be kosher.

trgahan said...

More likely:

"We just got a call from saying if we don't let Milo/Coulter/Shapiro/et al. come and pick bar fights with 20 year olds in front of network TV cameras they aren't giving/cutting that grant money."

Green Eagle said...

Amazing how well you can do if you have a Jewish last name and are willing to prostitute yourself selling right wing swill. They try the same thing with black people; i.e. Lloyd Marcus, Larry Elder, etc. but they just can't convince their good old boys to give a damn about what black people say; right wingers will at least pretend to care about how Jews feel.

dinthebeast said...

I keep trying to tell these fucks that anyone who wants to can speak at UC Berkeley. On Sproul Plaza. What they're complaining about is not being afforded nicer, more expensive facilities, and the paid-for security that goes along with them.
They have the right to speak, what they want is a guaranteed safe passage out after the vicious drivel they have in mind to say.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Apparently America needs a law on free speech. To make sure conservatives personally held religious and ideological rights are protected under the 1st Amendment.
Conservatism must be heard. The forces of evil liberalism somewhere is cock blocking it.
Free Speech now must include the right of the conservative to speak to a captured audience. If you do not sit down,shut up, and listen.
You will offend and hurt their superior feelings of them taking the time to tell you they know best and you must adhere and obey their words. Else, be shunned as something filthy .

Did anyone think Citizens United meant only election money?

Amassed wealth now has the ordained superiority privilege and legal right over those with less. To keep catapulting the propaganda until they are sure it sinks in.

Like re writing the Constitution by purchasing congressional ghost writers.

Even the Bible.
Where it states "the meek share inherit the earth".

With the Prosperity Gospel,
It now reads, "The children of the wealthy shall inherit tax free so as to carry on the family blood line of royalty blood lines ruling over the impure blood line mongrels".

That is my opinion and I am sticking to it. No matter how repetitive their bought free speech (propaganda) blares.

I only wonder if Shapiro has ever seen Dubai and its city of skyscrapers?

Then of course looking down on others for what they cannot afford is nothing new. I cannot afford to buy an Island with a yacht an airstip with a lear jet. I must be so loathesome of a human being.

You think shapiro is looked down on by Charles and David Koch ans a loathsome lazy ignorant dirty pigeon, impure blood line?

Ever wonder why republicans only can recite the NRA version of the 2nd Amendment?
They do not seem to be aware of the Preamble.

Like Trump's latest decree to bring peace to the Mid-East through outright war over Jerusalem. Shapiro and his royal blood line will turn to others, those unimportant less financially superior that have nothing in life to do.
-To fight and die for his and his ilks whims ..

I for one, would like to return to our government for, by and of the people.
It was much better then.

Meremark said...

Whoever could have seen this coming?

RUKidding said...

To Doug in Oakland: agree re Sproul Plaza, but also these racist creeps can also book and speak in the more expensive facilities with the security of safe passage in and out after spewing their bigoted, nasty, incendiary b.s. It's just that they have to book it via Cal Berkeley, who has the right to designate where and at what time and which day they get to speak.

When the Coultergeist pitched her big hissy fit last Spring (I think) about purportedly being denied her vaunted free speech rights at Berkeley, she lied. Yeah: what a surprise... not.

What happened is that Berkeley reserved the right to change the time of day and date of her speech, and the Gorgon made a choice to "get mad" about her booking. Berkeley said they changed the date/time in order to ensure adequate security both for Coultergeist & attendees. That was reasonable. Berkeley was exercising their duty of care.

Coultergeist used the scheduling change to LIE that she had been denied the right to speak. Simply not the case.

As for Virgin Ben Shapiro? I have no clue why anyone would book him, much less go hear his drivel, but as someone said: there's a sucker born every minute.

P.S. to Green eagle: some segments of the rightwing rabble view Jews as honorary (not 100%) whites, so that's why they get more attention. Of course, many of Trump's fans are very anti-semitic, so they, likely, view Jews on the same spectrum as blacks: as "not their kind." Why Virgin Ben wishes to consort with his enemies, at any price, is way beyond my comprehension.

palemalemarcher said...

no jews no news.