Friday, December 01, 2017

Happy Flynndictment Day Citizens: Update

Team Mueller goes full Tom Hagen.  From The New York Times:
Michael Flynn Expected to Plead Guilty to Lying to the F.B.I.
Do the right thing, Mikey Five Angels, and your family can keep its fortune.


Holy shit.  Forget it.  In the past 24 hours, ABC News has retracted the story and suspended Mr. Ross:
And now, Mr. Johnny Cash:


Robt said...

I am hearing Flynn is such a great vocalist that many opera houses seeking him in high competition.

It is said that the vocalist has an impressive why with words and lyrics.

The crooning General has a contractual deal to sing. Sing loud and proud for America's never seen before by Flynn.

Tickets are not yet available for this live performance and is expected to demand steep prices for tickets.

We don't no the extent of charges other than specified he pleaded guilty to.

There has to be other charges to which Flynn will face. Unless of course his performance is that great.

Doesn't Trump hire the best, smartest, brightest people that make you so proud?

RUKidding said...

Of course now Team Trump - led by the lying Ty Cobb & seconded by Gorgon II, aka Sarah the Huckster - are doing their damndest to blame Flynn on Obama, first and foremost, and then secondarily, on Sally Yates.

Yeah yeah: Flynn originally worked for Obama, but then Obama canned his sorry ass. And Obama warned Dolt 45 directly not to hire Flynn(possibly laughing his ass off realizing that Trump would duly choose to ignore whatever Obama told him and do the opposite... har de har har, laffs on you FOOL), as did Yates.

Of course, I believe that Fox Noise reliably is telling their idiot base that Sally Yates and that N-word hadn't breathed a word to Dolt 45 about Flynn's record. And no doubt the moranic base will happily blame all of this mess on Obama... the intended consequence.

Nonetheless, reality bites, and thankfully Mueller isn't a card-carrying member of Dolt 45's racist, intellectually-challenged KKK/Nazi fan club. Thank the dog for small favors.

jim said...

"Whenever I see a pretty conviction, I can't help myself, it's like a magnet. I just flip. I rolled on POTUS like a bitch. When you're infamous, they let you plea bargain it. You can flip any case you want. Grab 'em by the testimony."