Thursday, November 30, 2017

We're (Locally) Famous!

Our local alternative weekly newspaper -- the venerable Illinois Times -- has done a really nice article on a Springfield-based Liberal podcast with which you may or may not be familiar.
“We give our listeners a vocabulary to understand the world that we live in,” Driftglass says. “When you turn on CNN, you see this nonsense. Every time you hear someone in the media say, reflexively, ‘It’s both sides, it’s both sides, it’s both sides,’ that’s an enabling mechanism for conservatives.”

The couple’s fans are nationwide, as became apparent when the New York Times recently ran a story on Pod Save America, a podcast produced by refugees from the Obama administration who have a reported 1.5 million listeners. Langum and Driftglass, who call their show The Professional Left, have considerably fewer, but a handful jumped in on the comment section accompanying the Times story, praising the Springfield couple. Graphics on their website, which features a cornfield and The Cornfield Resistance as a tagline, are top notch and came courtesy of a listener in Texas. Austin, naturally...
You should definitely check it out :-)  And yes, they have a comment section.

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Robt said...

I am so happy for you two.

Recognized by gigantic enormous news noses. Wow.

This means us Blog comment writers have a chance to get noticed and make it big league like DFB.

I too, can entice my cat to walk back and forth across my keyboard like the illustrious DRB and get mongo bucks for printing it out and submitting it to my editor as my contractual agreement for articles require. Just like DFB, wow.
To be sure, I will not forget my roots with you little people.

On the real side, That is very nice. may the fields of resistance grow, more corn.

ziply said...


Marilee Driscoll said...

Congrats! Love your blog down here in Florida...keep up the good work! said...

Great news and a great story. I send this from deep red rural Virginia.