Friday, November 03, 2017

Today In Both Sides Do It: Uniters.Org

When the only fundraising scam you have is Both Siderism, every Republican atrocity is the fault of the K'Rupt Duopoly.

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Robt said...

Tea party does it and the republicans do it.

John Birch Society does it and Conservatives do it.

Freedumb works party does it and the Freedom Cockass does it.

Hmmmmm? They make such a great case on this both sider phenomenon.

Let us peek under a magnifying class, maybe a microscope.

But if your blind to the truth, magnifying is futile.

steeve said...

"they have abdicated moral authority for a generation."

it's unconditionally guaranteed that Dowd will effectively forgive the republican party in much less than a generation.

Chan Kobun said...

Sweet Cream Jesus on a buttermilk biscuit, they out-BSed Dowd.

Worse yet, they got called on that stupid tweet and essentially denied the exact phrase they just wrote.

dinthebeast said...

"I have abdicated moral authority in favor of the generation of both-siderist claptrap."

There, I fixed it for you Matty boy.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

Dowd's recent awakening of GOP abdicates is remarkable and welcome.

Now What does he do with that informational break through????

-Accountability for Iran/Contra? Nope-Accountability for consensual sex between two adult and one of them out of wedlock? Yes.

-Weapons of mass destruction to preempt war on a country and its civilians that did not attack us? No accountability.

- Conservative legislating from bench with Citizens United allowing A single billionaire to buy and own one fourth of the republican House representatives, (Tea Party Caucus). to use that billionaires voice to thwart everyone else's voice.
That corporations are people?
Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan & Senate republican Leader McConnell refusing to inform the American people when they were informed of Russia (a foreign aggressor to the United States), and allow a foreign dictator to have his way in America's presidential election.

This, is blatant abdication of their oath of office. Not for years. For the rest of their lives and probably mine as well.

As you know, Bow Bergdal abdicated his oath and duty when he went AWAL. With all the other implications.

Republicans let Trump's self profiteering from the use of his office and power. The enabling of corruption for the president is the legitimizing the corruption in Congress.

What billionaire Mercer did with his wealth that muted free speech with paid speech using propaganda as speech. That this conservative 5-4 decision was intended to mutate into the vile it's original proposed intent.
maybe Dowd in his awakening can continue to keep his eyes open without getting drowsy and dosing off again to find just how much and how long and exactly who is the unabashed provocateur.

When you see accusations of a democratic failing as say Sen Menendez. He is acting as GOP senators but acting individually, not as a political party / organization. media folks can Name Senator Bob by name and delve into his shortcomings for weeks.
Benghazi can be kept alive on the public dime for campaigning republicans to drive narratives and negatives that media is obliged to further on and on.
Seal dies in Yemen, Soldier die in Niger and one left behind? Las Vegas mass shooting (a day). man in white supremacist protest drives care into crowd and kills and wounds in the name of White supremacy, Thoughts and prayers and don't blame all those protesters because there are some real good NAZIS and KKK members in there.

man drive truck in NYC wounds many and kills. Terrorism and Democrats are responsible we need a dictator and get the US Constitution and all of it's laws and regulations out of the way???????

Please note the level of restraint I apply in this brief notation citing an iota of what Dowd has seen since he awoke.

How did John McClain say it in Die Hard, "welcome to the party, PAL...!"