Thursday, November 02, 2017

The Ecclesiastes Of Grover Norquist

I was stumbling around in my archives and ran across this from 2006.  Honestly, I had forgotten I'd written it.

I've got over 8,300 posts down there.

One of these days I'm really gonna have to tidy up, and stitch some of them together into a book or seven.
For everything there is a season, and a time for every tax cut under heaven:

a time to for a tax cut, and a time for a Death Tax cut; a time to invest, and a time to cut taxes on that which was invested;

a time to kill, and a time to cut taxes; a time to break down, and a time to cut taxes;

a time to weep, and a time to cut taxes; a time to mourn, and a time for some more tax cutting;

a time to cast away taxes, and a time to gather tax cuts together; a time to embrace tax cuts, and a time to refrain from spending one thin fucking dime on the poor;

a time to seek more tax cuts, and a time to let major cities drown; a time to let billionaires keep every cent they have, and a time to cast away the sick and the weak;

a time to tear a new hole in anyone who does not value tax cuts above their fellow man, and a time to sew up some more tax cuts; a time to smirk in silence (as when the government is too broke to outfit soldiers properly), and a time to speak…about the next round of tax cuts;

a time to love tax cuts, and a time to hate anyone who doesn’t love tax cuts more than their nation; a time for war…which as it turns out is a perfect time for more tax cuts.

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Robt said...

I actually didn't mind Grover back in the day of Seseme Street when he was younger and less irritatingly greedy to the point of corruption, destruction and harm of others for it all.

Anonymous said...

Leave it to Grover Trickledown, of The Dead-Horse-Floggers Brigade, to show up on the panel last night, and...yeah. Once more with feeling, Grover.

Do you like your libraries? Thank a Liberal.
Like your books not being burned? Thank lotsa Liberals.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, it must be cuz Grover Monkeywrench is more effective than Steve 'Dead-Con-Walkin' Moore, at Trumpsplaining 'Robbin the poor to give to the rich!'

They should be allowed nowhere near any books, until they've mastered building blocks.

Ervin said...

And Ronald Reagan seeing Maggie Thatcher destroy the coal miners and a chance to hurt labour, he got a warm feeling in his groin. He showed Nancy this.She had this warm feeling also. They agreed it felt real nice to hurt the great unwashed. The right wing agreed.They took out the air traffic controllers The rest is history.

Tanbark said...

Funny how all that still works, in't it?

Good stuff, then…good stuff, now…

And, I think we have a chance to pick up the House in the mid-terms. The republicans are shitting their pants at the idea of going into the mid-terms with Trump sitting in the White House. Which is why I think he shouldn't be impeached until after next November.

I know; there's always the risk of his kicking off a nuclear exchange with North Korea, but would Pence be any better? Also, Pence would come in, relatively speaking, looking like Abe Lincoln. I could see the repubs going after Affordable Healthcare again, and picking up McCain's and Murkowski's votes, and maybe even a democrat or two, to fulfill that particular GOP wet dream.

We've got Trump sorta-kinda hamstrung, mostly from his own lunacy, and I don't think he could change if he wanted to. If the dems and a few semi-sane republicans can shoot down the giant corporate tax giveaway, then it will be one more nail in his political coffin.

Anonymous said...

For the record, friends, we were dealing with Lyin' Eyes Mulroney, our Brown-Paper-Bag Prime Minister (Karl Heinz Schreiber- Air Bus) when the three of them- Ronnie, Maggie and Brian, decided that fucking over workers in their capitalistic blood-thirst for moremoremore, the jig being up on Colonialism, would be good for them and their cohorts. FFS, Ronnie and Brian wrote the NAFTA. We had an election on it. Adios, good Union jobs. Hello, Roger and Me.

The Cons wrote the thing and now President WTF, is gonna ditch it? Well, we'll be dealing with China while the dumbfuck is wearing orange, I guess.
And, yeah, Canada and Mexico are gonna be sticking points in NAFTA talks- on worker's and environmental rights.