Friday, November 10, 2017

Matthew Dowd Remains a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person

Watching Matthew Dowd v2017 slap-fighting with Matthew Dowd v2016 is just peerlessly entertaining,

Matthew Dowd today:

Matthew Dowd -- ABC New's chief political analyst -- less than one year ago:

Like shooting really stupid fish in a really tiny, wildly-overpriced Steuben Glass bucket.

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Loony Liberal said...

Matthew Dowd might have done the right thing if President Cheeto were a sexual predator.

Wait a minute...

Anonymous said...

I loved the movie (my daughter showed it to me).
Good choice!

dinthebeast said...

Poor Matt, his duopoly is broken. He should get it looked at before it spreads to his asshole, which seems to be working just fine.

-Doug in Oakland

Bruce.desertrat said...

No, it's like shooting fish in a Tiffany's Can...

Not that it wouold bother Dowd, he'll gleefully ride the 'bothsides' sled right down to hell.

Robt said...

Dowd says,

"Of course it follows. The only way to keep moore out of senate is to support the Dem."

Dowd skips the role of the soullessness of the republican party and it's responsibility to vet their own candidates before allowing them to put an "R" in front of their name. To scrutinize them in the primaries.

But this is the party led by a GOP leader (Trump) who is not only with Putin over American veterans. Who is stands with and promotes White Supremacy and NAZIS.
Did Mike Pence or anyone in the GOP vet Trump? Vet Mike Flynn, Cohen, Manafort, Popolophagus a-a-gus .

There is the possibility that that what we are seeing initially is a battle between the Bannon wing of the GOP and the McConnell wing of the GOP.

I do not think Dems should sit by in fear that any support for the Non pedophile senator from Alabama. In fear that there would be an encouraging back lash riling repub voters in Ala.
This is a moment of not sitting by while your opponent sprinkles gas on himself and strikes a match to flame on. They should provide more gasoline for the bonfire.

When your political party tells your Christian morals to exalt pedophilia over not voting or voting for a decent responsible person to the US Senate. You are not religious anymore. You are in a CULT......!

As part of our media, Dowd's responsibility to a report like the WAPO printed should be to either confirm the report, congirm it further or disporove it.
Dowd running around social media telling people what to do is not helpful.

With most of the media repeating the republican statement, "IF, accusations are true Roy Moore should step down".

You know, let us handle all crime like this,
If there is someone embezzling from their employer. They should turn themselves in.

If Hitler did all those rotten acts, he should hold himself accountable?

How about Dowd and his media chops stop enabling for profit and begin providing the most accurate information he can to assist the American voters to make the best decisions they can in this (last I saw( democracy. What is not crumbling under misinformation deceit.

What most won't understand in places like Alabama. GOP control with its KKK, radicalized GOP combined with corruption with grips on most of the power in the state. In Alabama, there is not much justice they could receive and a lot of forms of punishment for accusing one of the Klan, GOP with aggressive grips on their power to keep it.

I would bet, this story was known prior in Alabama. No one in state would risk the repercussions of that corrupted power Ogers. It took national scrutiny that was able to withstand inside Alabama repercussions as the WAPO to report it.