Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sunday Morning Comin' Down

This week, the same Respected Professional Political Analyst who blocked me on Twitter for making mock of his relentless, buffoonish Both Siderism --

-- is now trying really hard to sound just like me (from This Week with George Stephanopoulos)
DOWD: ...I think what you have to -- what has to be recognized now by Republicans and many conservatives who have resisted Donald Trump is that the Republican Party as they know it is gone. This is a party that would never nominate Lincoln again, would never nominate Teddy Roosevelt, and certainly wouldn't nominate Ronald Reagan in this. And that party is gone.

They might as well get H.G. Wells on the line, get back in a time machine, and find the party that they think still exists. It's gone.
And this week it a woman who has sunk low enough to be a professional apologist for a noted wingnut fink-tank, showed that she is also low enough to dismiss the rip tide of sexual harassment revelations in the media as the result of weak women and gold diggers who want to hop on the "gravy train" (from Meet the Press):
CHUCK TODD:  Back now with endgame. All right, you heard from those senators and I believe it was Senator Heitkamp who said, "It needs to be cultural change." Are we in a culture, is this a major moment in our culture? Dani?

DANIELLE PLETKA:  No. I have no doubt that sexual harassment is real and that many women suffer from it. But I have a strong suspicion that this is yet another one in a series of isms and complaints and grievances in our society that are used as wedged, that are used as bludgeons, that are part of, frankly, what many men feel is a war on men, certainly in universities.

So, you know, do we need a cultural change? If women want to stand up for themselves, women should stand up for themselves for equal treatment. And if that means that someone's going to harass them, they should stand up and call them out. This whole "Me, too, I want to get on the gravy train, Harvey Weinstein looked at me meanly too but I didn't have the guts, Gwyneth Paltrow, to stand up and do anything about it," I'm not really into that.
But it really doesn't matter what a shitbox she is does it?  Because Chuck Todd will have her back on next week, or the week after that and all will be forgiven and forgotten.

And speaking of malfunctioning skinjobs who are 25 years past their sell-by date but keep showing up on the teevee anyway, hey look, it's Tom Friedman!  Saying something so mildewed and hackneyed I assume he's working on puffing it up into a book.  Which every Sunday Show will promote and every CEO in America will buy and compel their cubicle serfs to read and then review at the mandatory company retreat because it's by Tom Fucking Friedman.  Circle of life, y'all.

TOM FRIEDMAN:   You know, Chuck, the biggest industry in America today is the anger industry. Because we have technologies now, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, that allow so many people to participate in arousing, and also videos and pictures. And the whole country is just out there arousing each other through video and pictures and what not. And I worry that we're really fighting this technology. It's just so easy to get a lot of people stirred up and you don't have to be president to do it.
Yes indeed.  So much arousing going on "out there" in the "whole country".   What with the videos.  And the pictures! And the Friendsters!  Libertine men!  Scarlet women!  Ragtime!

And don't forget the whatnots!

Finally, The New York Times continues to give bags of money to weirdos to poop out absurdist tone poems about the evils of Both Sides:
Political Guardrails Gone, a President’s Somber Duty Skids Into Spectacle

Blame it on these bitter political times.

The feud over President Trump’s call to the widow of a fallen soldier might never have escalated had Mr. Trump done what any of his predecessors almost certainly would have done: quickly apologize for words that failed to bring comfort.

Likewise, the nasty back-and-forth with Frederica S. Wilson, a Democratic congresswoman who is close to the soldier’s family, might have dissipated had she not repeatedly disparaged Mr. Trump’s intentions on national television, failing to extend him the benefit of the doubt that previous presidents had received...
In other words, status quo at the puppet show.


dinthebeast said...

"And that party is gone."

And I suppose it just left last year or some other horse shit.

-Doug in Oakland

bowtiejack said...

General Kelly? Apparently every Fuhrer has his Keitel.

Pablo in the Gazebo said...

Is this the place where the both siderists meet?

From TPM, discussing the hiring of 12 new agents to protect Scott Pruitt:

The IG office has investigated 70-plus threats against the secretary since he came into office.
“The EPA is a lightning rod. We get threats from both sides of the spectrum,” assistant inspector general Patrick Sullivan told CNN.

Neo Tuxedo said...

absurdist tone poems about the evils of Both Sides

My friend August J. Pollak summed that article up quite nicely over on his Twitter feed:

"Sure, Trump and Kelly lied, but it was equally bad for the black lady to say they did."


RUKidding said...

The whole Trump/Kelly fallen soldier debacle would be hilarious if some pussy-grabbing Librul Hollywood type had made it part of a satirical movie. But alas, we are stuck with the gobsmacking reality that the CiC is the pussy-grabbing @zzwipe who will only double, triple, quadruple down on his own @zzholishness most especially if he's called on it by a colored Democrap woman wearing funny hats.

Kelly has fully revealed himself to be a total knee-bending suck up to the giant @zzwipe in Chief. Quelle surprise... not.

And some hag or another has adjured us proles that we need to STFU and never DARE to question the lying sack of sh*t that she calls a "Four Star General." Er, eh? That POS is no longer on active duty; he chose to hitch his wagon to the Orange Foolious, so I can say whatever I want to him and question his @zz to my heart's content.

Of course the dog 'n pony show that ensued last week was done soley for the benefit of Dolt 45's somewhat dwindling legions of fans, who have to be dictated to daily as to how they "see" and "understand" exactly WTF their fearless leader has just done. IOW, how to bend their pea brains around Dolt 45's latest massive gaff and somehow come out smelling that giant dump and saying: Why yes! It smells just as sweet as a rose. And Eff you LIEbruls if you say it doesn't.

Case closed.

Fundamentally ridiculous Matthew Dowd remains an embarressment, but he's too fundamentally ridiculous and highly compensated to notice.

There are ALWAYS sell outs, like that woman, to be found for the right price. See also, Carson, Ben. Or Powell, Colon. etc etc