Friday, September 22, 2017

Professional Left Podcast #407

"Welcome my son, welcome to the machine."
-- Pink Floyd, Wish You Were Here
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Bonus Floyd!


eddie blake said...

and asshole andy sullivan wants to talk about antifa.


jim said...

A good compromise saves, a bad compromise enslaves.

GOP agenda precis: enhance elite control ... means justifying ends may be larger than they appear in the mnemonic (cracked) mirror.

Manafort's "Black Caviar" is not so much an hors d'oeuvre as an iceberg.

dinthebeast said...

So we're the alternative to lies and insanity?
It pisses me off to hear Hillary's detractors say that she wasn't about anything, and they do say that, because like you said, she had policy all the way.
I feel the mistake, if you can call it that, was preparing for the presidency instead of the campaign.
The campaign may function as a job interview, but you have to remember that as political HR, the electorate doesn't respond to your actual qualifications for the job, instead they have to have the job sold to them well enough to make them want to participate.
That is the brilliance, if you can call it that, of the Republican long-game strategy: they have spent so much time and effort making the process ugly and corrupt, that the bar has been lowered for those who do participate to subsurface levels, and the sheer, cynical, awfulness drives away anyone who isn't already immune to the stench.
But we must master clear language. Molly Ivins said it best, about political reporting not being engaging: "House bill 4906 was passed out of committee on a party line vote..." and you're already asleep, or wishing you were. Try "You're being screwed again!" instead, and see if you get better results.

Thank you again for the podcast.

-Doug in Oakland

Robt said...

WE can venture further into Pink Floyd.

Take "Old Betsy". No not you firearm.! Our ascended Education Secretary from the heavenly gated community. Came to bless us all..

Another Brick in the Wall.

Not for the Border wall.

In regards to Old Betsy , "Hey Leave those kids alone".

The arts (music) of the dirty filthy hippies. lives on.....