Wednesday, September 06, 2017

And Ever So Slowly, Relentless Reality Continues to Force Mr. Both Sides to Notice...

...that the ridiculous, Beltway fig-leaf distinction he kept insisting on making between Trump "fans/supporters" and Trump "voters" --

-- was, in fact, ridiculous all along:

It still cracks me up that someone who clearly does not know shit-all about what is really going on in American politics is continues to employed by ABC News at heavy expense as its chief political analyst.

Once again we see that the Left was right about the Right all along.

And once again we see that the Beltway media would rather chew its own leg off than ever admit this simple, self-evident truth.

Behold, a Tip Jar!

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Robt said...

Don't you think Dowd is a Trump "fan/ Cultist) and is making every attempt to rmain in the closet?

But the closet door is not sound proof and Dowd's non nonsensical whimpers of dismay of his virtuous commitment to Trump is exactly as Trump advertised.

Dowd bought in to Trump University. Got ripped off. Now too embarrassed to reclaim his money from the settlement.

Whom ever his bosses are at ABC, must be in dire need of a patsy to blame when ratings hurt advertising and market share dips.
Not sure if Galileo Dowd understand corporate gravity? It is inevitable.
Perhaps Dowd should get booked on the FOX and Fiends to clarify his contaminated purity.