Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Old, Old Story

It always features the same cast of misfits, halfwits and losers.

And always ends the same way.

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MFortun said...

You're always great and sometimes you're just fantastic. I know I must have watched that episode as a kid since I never missed a TZ, but I'd forgotten.

Alfred Lehmberg said...

Yeah... this post deserves a Pulitzer!

RUKidding said...

I'm an Old, so I remember the incomparable Twilight Zone from back in the day, including this very episode.

On a personal basis, this is what is so upsetting and disturbing for me in 2017: to sit here and witness a white supremacist in the White House bending himself into pretzels to defend, as well as endorse and encourage and coddle these creeps. My childhood was spent steeped in the recent history of WWII, and because I grew up on the east coast where many of my friends and neighbors were Jewish, I was very much aware of the horrors of the Nazis and their camps.

Fast forward to my 20s, where I had many German friends (I am of German origins & have lived in Germany). A large part of the protests in Germany, the Baader Meinhof, etc, were in outrage, horror and opposition to what their Nazi parents had done. There has been a LOT of soul-searching in Germany, whether it appears that way or not.

And now, here we are today, sucking up to Nazis and saying: Oh tra la la, it's OK, and after all BOTH SIDES ARE EQUALLY TO BLAME.

Just: NO. F*ck that sh*t. That's a Bald Faced Lie.

I have done some homework (some might recall my post a couple of days ago sincerely seeking info re the so-called "Alt-Left"), and while my research is very imcomplete, it's obvious that the "left" were in no way as violent - nor as kitted out to BE specifically violent - as the Nazi's were in Charlottesville.

I've even seen apologists claiming that "many" of these white supremacist men were "sincere history buffs" who were "just concerned about the statutes." Oh Please. Bite me.

As always, Rod Serling hits the nail on the head because he, too, was much closer to the real FACTS about the Nazis back in the day. This type of "evil" never goes away, and IF we don't Stand Up & Say NO, this type of evil will continue to fester and grow and get worse.

And we all know d*mn well that we canNOT count on the poodles in Congress to do bloody eff all about it. It is up to US, those citizens of good conscience, with morals and ethics, to stand up and say: NO. We do not accept this. Just stop.

dinthebeast said...

Oh WAAAAHHHH!!! He has a warrant. You know, I've had various reactions to the news that I had a warrant, but none of them included whining and crying like a baby, perhaps because I've always understood how it is that one gets a warrant before I ever engaged in the behavior that got me one.
Personal responsibility?

And the effort to publicly identify the tiki torch mob continues apace. Let's find out how the news that these individuals marched with the goddamn Nazis plays out in their actual communities. We've had two of them lose their jobs so far here in the East Bay, and we're not what you could call a hotbed of Nazi sympathizers...

-Doug in Oakland