Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Republican God Demands Blood Sacrifices

And as headline-grabbing as they may be, America's periodic mass shootings weren't calculated, sadistic or widespread enough to slake the thirst of the Republican's God of Blood and Soil.

So now, this...

See, Republicans never really cared what was in the bill:  as long as it made Libtards sad and immiserated and terrified tens of millions of poor and working class people on the way to sickening , bankrupting or killing hundreds of thousands of them, they were gonna be cool with it.  

As I warned on this little blog of mine eight long years ago...
So now we have to chase the wingnuts through time.

We have to chase them and beat them because they are on the verge of having everything they believe in -- their entire, globally-destructive boondoggle of plutocrats and pissy sociopaths –- bookended in history for all time as a transient, tragic spasm of cultural psychosis between New Deal Classic and New Deal 2.0, which makes them more desperate than ever.

Because outside of our hopeful little, wavering campfire circle, darkness is always waiting. Always busy, circling, sniffing, hunting for a way back in.

And if we leave the agents and emissaries of darkness alone back there in the American time-line, unchallenged, rewriting our past, salting our history with their lies, then sooner that you'd believe possible they'll be back.

Raging back, skulls stuffed full of manufactured legends and synthetic grievances, hearts steeped in ignorant fury, with Limbaugh cranking at enough decibels to drown out every other sound in the Universe.

Raging back to snuff out freedom and tolerance and the hated Middle Class once and for all.
But, y'know, those emails.

And stuff.


trgahan said...

"But, y'know, those emails."

But, if we're honest with ourselves, this moment was predestined in 2009 when a significant number of liberals decided Obama had betrayed us because no single payer or nation wide legalized pot. Liberals committed an unforced error that day and we'll be paying for a generation.

President Rubio/Jeb!/Carson/Etc. would have done no different on this issue.

Robt said...

When it comes to blood sacrifices. I thought the one offered up had to be a Vestal Virgin.

They worship the notion of watering a tree with blood of tyrants and patriots.

Only I only see patriots used for the watering and tyrants using the tree for shade.

You realize there was more besides the HRC emails. A ton of lying was truck in, every network hyped the freak, would not call balls and strikes even using the instant replay.
House republicans vote party line to extract $800 billion out of health care, Trump praises it as one of the best mean est spirited bills ever.
Paul Ryan and the republican majority of self proclaimed fiscal conservatives all vote for health bill with NO CBO accounting, no analysis.
Fiscal conservatism and plain fiscal responsibility never open an eye.

News Flash'
Speaker Ryan publicly pleads to struggling senate, " Just pass SOMETHING-ANYTHING like the House did". (Don't leave us out here on the plank we walked to the end of for Koch industries, Trump and Party..

Although that got a moment of mention. What got play got heard and heard and heard. What got little to no play fell on occupied ears.

What is concerning is, what we all see in the mirror of our society and government is the reflection of those that walk among us.....

Paul the Sax Guy said...

Per Robt - It's the same reason the Jeez wasn't born on this continent...

They tried, but couldn't find 3 wise men and a virgin...