Saturday, July 29, 2017

Stupid Shit Andrew Sullivan Says

This week, NY Magazine's resident non-blogger, Mr. Andrew Sullivan, comes right off the blocks with his facts all wrong in all the predictable ways:
We have become, at this point, inured to having an irrational president...
"We" have done no such god damn thing. an increasingly post-rational America.
"America" is not "increasingly post-rational". The Republican Party is utterly and completely post-rational. Insane, actually, and has been for a very, very long time.
We’ve also come to tell ourselves that somehow (a) this isn’t really happening, (b) by some miracle, it will be over soon, or (c) at some point the Republican Party will have to acknowledge what they are abetting, and cut their losses.
Again with this "we" horseshit. There is no "we" in this equation. There is the Right, who are cruel and proudly ignorant and bigoted and quite mad. There are are those of us on the Left -- millions and million of us -- who have been right about the Right all along. And there are craven fence straddlers and moral cowards who have played the Both Sides game for fun and profit (mostly profit) until it was far, far too late.
But surely this week must mark some kind of moment in this vertiginous descent, some point at which the manifest unfitness of this president to continue in office becomes impossible to deny. whom, Andrew? The meathead Right, who have been cruel and proudly ignorant and bigoted and quite mad for decades and who love their unhinged fascist shit-gibbon beyond all reason? The Left -- millions and million of us -- who you hate with the heat of 1,000 suns?  Who have been warning about the Right for decades?  Who have been slandered and exiled from polite society for our trouble? Or are you referring to your running buddies in the Beltway media? You know, that clique of respectable, well-paid, craven fence straddlers and moral cowards who have played the Both Sides game for profit until it was far, far too late.

And speaking of craven twats who play the Both Sides game for personal profit, Mr, Sullivan continues, with emphasis unfairly added by me:
It’s revealing, it seems to me, that Richard Dawkins is the latest target of the authoritarian left — and why he is under attack. This week, he was disinvited from a book event hosted by a progressive radio station, KPFA, because of his criticisms of Islam...
Oh noes! A disinvitation by a progressive radio station!  Seriously, how far into the obit and want-ad back pages of the internet did Mr. Sullivan have to dig to come up with a "But the Left!" example this stupid to balance out his obligatory "Both Sides Do It" equation this week?

Mr. Sullivan -- a paid NY Magazine non-blogger -- continues:
I fear that the truth is Islam has become an untouchable shibboleth for some on the left...

My best guess is simply that, for the far left, anything that is predominantly “of color” is preferable to anything, like Judaism and Christianity, that can usually be described as “white.” ...

The preoccupation with race on the far left is now so deep, in other words, it’s becoming simply an inversion of that on the far right...
America's Most Famous Gay Catholic Tory Conservative Public Intellectual once again peeks out between the curtains of his Washington D.C. apartment at the tony, upscale street below and once concludes that race is obviously not a thing in America anymore.

Because, as I mentioned yesterday, Both Siderism is not just a blight on the land and not just the crutch that keeps the Republican Party limping along from catastrophe to catastrophe.  It is also corporate media policy, and as long as it remains corporate media policy, nothing will change. 

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Anonymous said...

"cut their losses"?? WTF!? Andrew- this affiliation of wretches has been responsible for the losses, this is not a poker game, ffs.

Enheduanna Pax said...

We have a white supremacist POTUS. And nice job trying to erase all those millions of black Christians here in the U.S. Sullivan isn't just behind a curtain he's in an alternate dimension with a blindfold and earplugs.

trgahan said...

I wish this was ONLY stupid shit Andrew Sullivan says...yet the Beltway Media "intellectuals" have been working under standing orders to NEVER mention the 68 million other votes cast in November or anyone who marched, called a legislator, and/or attended/hosted a townhall in the last six months.

Trump got an estimated 2 billion in free TV time and god knows how much the Tea Party got in 2009, yet even acknowledging 60+ percent of the American nation appears to be a fire-able offense.

RUKidding said...

I commented on another blog that I've had 5 recent conversations with Republican voters from various states, including AL, where my rellies still LOVE Trump despite his treatment of their former hero, Sessions. Very anecdotal, but to a person, they mouthed pretty much the same glop: "Trump's pissing off the Libruls, so he 'must' be doing something right."

These people are pig-ignorant (apologies to pigs) about most of what's going on. It's all tribalist authoritarian rubbish, yay my Team beat your Team crap, and as long as their new shiny bright Lord & Master is kicking Libruls around, they're completely, utterly and totally satisfied.

And that's due, in no small measure, to sh*theals like Sullivan & his highly compensated ilk. These so-called "intellectuals" lend another layer of credibility to Republican politics that burnishes the bullshit lies from Fox, Hate Radio & "Christainy" Broadcasting.

Republicans have been know-nothings at least since Reagan due to unceasing propaganda funded by the likes of the Murdochs and the Kochs, and their level of comprehending almost the simplest things happening in our federal govt is less than zero.

Sullivan can eat the proverbial bag of salted dicks.

Robt said...

In our very own Constitution is the 1st Amendment...
It was not an whim or an accident it came first.! Before the 2nd Amendment which seems to be the holy grail amendment.
Even has it's own apostles comprised of Weapons manufacturers and retail arms dealers.
I watched a Supreme Court gut Civil Rights out of the Civil Rights Act, ignoring "all Men are created equal, right to pursue happiness.

But right to pursue happiness doesn't include indignant arrogant wealth to demean others with that wealth and power for a brief chuckle of happiness at others expense. It is fairly clear the great American experiment considered early on the threats of accumulated wealth becoming the ruling trespasses of the freedoms.

When the networks book the Kellyannes/ Mooches of alternative facts or the Books and Sullivan's voice their opines regularly above all others. When a Hewitt of radio hate can be programmed by heritage Foundation to flower up the hate arraignment (for aesthetics) they put on the table as a center piece for all to view.

Like the debut of Jonah Goldberg by heritage Foundation. Who wrote of the folly of the aggressive northerners. Who if only, would have purchased all the slaves from the South. The Civil war would not have occurred. Defying moral gravity by insinuating (as an analogy) that if only people would by up all the white elephant Ivory Tusks. Would it put an end to killing of Elephants for their Tusks.

Like tax cuts raises revenue.

No longer are all men created equal and Trump and his inheritance and what he does with it regardless of others. Because there are only winners and losers to them.

At the nucleus of the problem was the advancement that Citizens United made legal.

Money is not free. Therefore cannot be free speech. paid speech, yes.

Therefore Voices of Americans without enough to join the required Free speech club and pay its dues. No longer have free speech.

Like in Sullivan's comment (posted). Public condemning of a radio station that should no longer have the right to dis-invite on the radio who the free speech club council decides they have no decision authority of content of what is now paid speech.

People like Sullivan in the hot seat of the critics turth, will retaliate of speech of others perhaps by trimming a Liberty Tree limb and questioning ones patriotism from the paid treasonous tree house they live.

Anonymous said...

Chapter 7 of The Prince--

Of New Princedoms Acquired By The Aid Others And By Good Fortune.

Chapter 8 of The Prince--

Of Those Who By Their Crimes Come to be Princes.

jim said...

... & when you've lost Andrew Sullivan, you've lost your last hope of escaping the creeping existential threat of an ant-free picnic.

Only just capitulated to the intrepid heroics of Captain Obvious this week?!
Not exactly the swiftest yacht in the Regatta, are we?