Monday, July 24, 2017

Senator Chuck Grassley Decides To Let Paul Manafort and Donald Trump Junior Lie With Impunity

No oath will be administered and it will all be conduced behind closed doors, presumably with unlimited life-lines permitted to let them consult with their Russian handlers.

From The Hill:
Franken: Trump Jr., Manafort need to testify under oath

Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) said on Sunday that Donald Trump Jr. and former campaign chairman Paul Manafort should testify under oath.

During an interview on CNN's "State of the Union," Franken was asked whether it was good enough for the two to testify behind closed doors and not under oath.

"No, that's not good enough," Franken said. "It should be under oath."

Franken said he would like to ask questions about whether they had any other meetings with the Russians. 
The comments come after lawmakers announced last week that Trump Jr. and Manafort reached a deal with the Senate Judiciary Committee to avoid appearing at a public hearing.
On the one hand, the last six months have proven beyond debate that every member of this Administration will lie at every opportunity unless they are forced into a corner and given no other choice.

On the other hand, Republicans have a long tradition of going out of their way to spare presidential administrations public embarrassment... long as that administration is Republican:


trgahan said...

To quote a Twice-Voting-Bush-Supporter-Turned-INDEPENDENT!!!-Turned-"Give-Him-A-Chance!" Trumpista father of a friend:

No oaths is ever needed from Republicans because "A Christian man can't lie to another Christian man." He was dead serious too...not trolling his audience.

Tacitly, oaths with penalties for committing perjury are only for godless liberals like Franken who hate God's Chosen Nation.

Robt said...

If you take Jeff Sessions, where he speaks about only Christians can be judges etc in his view and he does have a religious test. (you can lie on the test), But you must take a religious stand publicly no matter lie or true believer.
-All hail Gorsuch.....

Now figure out the 2 Corinthians in a bar groping girls because you think your famous enough dude. With the Jim Crow spiritual leader, Sessions devotion to Trump?

By the way, Not even in the Dead Sea Scrolls have I found Words from the mouth of GOD which was/ is historically record that America is the Chosen nation.

Unless you refer to the handed down lore of, "Bless this Mess".

Israel is another story but that is not a Christianity story.

dinthebeast said...

And the corrupt motherfuckers are changing the focus of the Russia investigations to the origin of the Steele dossier, read that trying to blame it on the Democrats.
Even that shouldn't work, as it was originally commissioned by Republicans, but BENGHAZI!!!! So who knows?

-Doug in Oakland

Habitat Vic said...

So Robert, a question as to whether America is the chosen nation, eh?

Jesus speaks American in all the movies I've ever seen. And not British, either. Does Ben-Hur ring a bell? Yeah, that's right. Headed up the NRA afterward, too.

Christ Almighty riding a dinosaur. You Libtards are so stupid it makes my teeth ache. The ones I have left, anyway (till TrumpCare pays for my new ones). You need to watch Fox News once in a while and get your head on straight.

Robt said...

Well Habitat Vic ,

You got me on Ben Hur and many Hollywood documentaries. The ones in living color that is. Yet, if you Turn away from the InfoWars and Pat Robertson 700 club long enough to review any original Hollywood Biblical movie documentaries or Biblical live broadcast recording of the time. They were in Black and white. In those video documents Jesus is not quite pure white. I realize the dental bills that is going to be incurred, But repealing the Kenyan funeral planning law with something great like the House passed will put a better price on that treatment, "Believe Me!"

Bible, Chapter "Flintstones" verse 71 clearly expresses saint Fred Dino-rider. And No, I am not from Libtardia. My Great Grand Pappy immigrated he from Libtardia, but I was born here In USA. You may look up my long version birth video on line titled, "the Omen".

Are you sure that Ben Hur headed up the NRA or was it that guy from Planet of the Apes? Can you verify?

help me out with something, Bwama. If your U.S. Seantor (1 of 100 in entire country) Responded to you on a question. Where he holds disdain for the president but over looks it.

Here is an actual part of the response .

"Now that the President has assumed the office of the head of the Executive Branch, I think that Americans have two patriotic duties regarding our new president and the policy agenda he will outline: 1) We root for him and hope for his success – especially that he would have a steady hand as commander in chief. This includes praying that God grant President Trump wisdom and discernment in his new calling. 2) We hope for President Trump’s personal effectiveness and success. This does not mean that we check our beliefs at the door. We should all still argue for principles we believe in, and recognize that, in the American system, the vast majority of policy is to be made by the people’s legislative representatives — not by the executive branch or by unelected judges. Consequently, Congress needs to hear from the people and be held accountable to work on the pressing issues in our country."

*Keep in mind, This Senator has not had one single town hall meeting with people of the state. He has been to Koch Brothers seminars, his big donors calls and met with Chamber of Commerce multiple times.

So if someone is Atheist and their duty is to pray. They can never be a patriot?

maybe in the Hannity prosperity Gospel. I am not sure?

Habitat Vic said...


I was being sarcastic. I'm pretty much on your side. My apologies.

Robt said...

Habitat Vic

Hey, it wasn't meant to strike at you. I just tried to have fun with it.. If you took it harshly. My apologies. It wasn't intended that way. It was ot like I took offense and lashed out.

You still gave me a good laugh with Ben Hur.

maybe I shouldn't have gone with my senators reply. I felt it was as silly as us and maybe it didn't fit in.
So please, continue to be sarcastic all you desire. Your sort of good at it.