Sunday, July 02, 2017

Noted Both Siderist Yells Impotently At Oncoming Avalanche

This is why most Washington media creatures stay well inside Beltway Green Zone. Because if they venture out into the countryside there is always the danger that some asshole with an Improvised Recording Device might pop up and ask them, "So are you now agreeing with driftglass that the Left has been right about the Right all along?"

And that one question, properly times and executed, has the potential to fuck up their career beyond repair.


bill said...

We may be learning that the life and death battle between them and us, doesn't really involve us? I'm seeing National outrage being turned into workable local engagements.

At some point that good dollar will reject the lies and wedge issues?
Yeah, probably not...

OGIC said...

ASTONISHING. Mr Down actually SAID GOP leaders!
Congratulations and thank you to all those users of twitter who have been pushing him to say Republicans.

I hope your readers will forgive my pushing my own current obsession: message UNITY from Democrats and Liberals whenever we have the opportunity:

Mitch McConnell's bill is a TAX GIVEAWAY. It takes funding from the Treasury and GIVES IT AWAY to the Rich Friends of Mitch.

We must do our best to convince the public of the truth of this
statement by making it our message and speaking it with one voice.


Fred Levitan said...

Sir, OGIC, I'm sorry, if you signed up for the Republican party and Republican agenda and Republican hatred, then you are a friend of Mitch, rich or not.

OGIC said...

Mr. Livitian.

No argument.

A person can be a Friend of Mitch without being Rich, but if you are not rich, as Driftglass so rightly and regularly points out, you only reap the "benefit" of harming yourself to make Liberals cry.

My plea is for a STRONG, UNITED message.

And I apologize for the typo in my initial comment: MR DOWD, not Mr DOWN.

Kevin Holsinger said...

Ladies and gentlemen of the Republican Party,

Ya know, President Pence can sign a tax-cut-for-millionaires bill too. You don't need President Trump. Just sayin'.

Unknown said...

The same fuckin' guy who just a couple weeks ago was telling the DEMOCRATS not to run candidates AT ALL in dozens of House races so that some Fournier/Dowd approved non-partisan wankers can run and lose to the GOP.

This guy. I'm thinking of resurrecting the "Severe Dementia" moniker for Dowd. Good f'ing grief, is he dense.

Lit3Bolt said...

Republican operative Matthew Dowd, after decades of enabling, evading, and excusing the lack of accountability of Republican Party, demands that Republicans act with accountability.



jim said...

A year late & an ethical order of magnitude short.