Saturday, July 22, 2017

Looks Like President Stupid Got His "Vitamin" Shot This Morning

There is a brief pause in President Stupid's stream-of-consciousness as he consults with his chief of staff.

"Priebus, I'm outta my god damn special terlet paper again. How the fuck do you keep letting this happen?  This is the last warning you get asshole. Now get your useless limp dick in here and bring your commander-in-chief his special terlet paper."

President Stupid's stream-of-consciousness resumes.

Just like your Crazy Uncle Liberty, there is nothing left staggering around in the mind of this bitter old freak but stale fragments and echos of long-debunked bullshit he saw on Fox News.


bowtiejack said...

I realized as I was reading this that it is no longer possible to differentiate between actual tweets and Onion parodies. Sad.

trgahan said...

A photoshop would be a (wordy) headstone could be:

Here Lies Crazy Uncle Liberty
Born When America Was GREAT!
Had Pre-existing Condition and
Relied on Medicaid
Died Six Months After Trumpcare Passed.

Last Words:
"Why didn't they just let him govern?!? Obama was a million times more corrupt! At least that bitch didn't become President!"

proverbialleadballoon said...

Liberals and Democrats, when this motherfucker tries to pull something, and it appears like 50-50 chance things come to a head this week, Rise and Let it be Known that Trump's conspiracy will Not Stand. Gird your loins, Avengers assemble, the Left has to save democracy.

stratocruiser said...

Why do I have a vision of an old man in a bunker, issuing orders to divisions that were wiped out last week, berating generals who counsel retreat.

mileslarboy said...

So true.

Anonymous said...

When did he start using brackets?


Robt said...

The crowd on this blog are very hard.

Trump said, "there would be so much winning we would get tired of winning"

None of you have even a vowel nor consonant of winning exhaustion.

Just haven't got enough of that "winning" yet?

We were told he know the smartest people, the best people (not low level like us). Flynn wasn't great enough for you so Trump fired him. Spicer wasn't the best because it looks like "Tony the Mooch" is the best. Sessions was the best until he wasn't. Comey wasn't loyal enough to Trump to disregard his oath of office.
But all this greatness put forth on display and it is snubbed as if it doesn't rise to the acceptable level of superiority.

By far is Trump business mind being taped in your behalf as in health care.
We all observed by example of the death panels and death spirals of Obamacare and that commie, Oops, I mean left wing Islamo socialism idea of health care which did not emerge out of a Conservative think tank. How it failed and how I we now might have to make it fail (more so) because to liberal obstructionism by not voting on a GOP reconciliation bill (for GOP only).
How about Scalise? When having a precondition (loose guns) his Obamacare covered hit. He is still alive.
But Scalise did not do the fiscal conservative demand. While bleeding out, Did Scalise shop around for transportation? Ambulances, Cabs, Uver for the best price?

Did Scalise shop around for the best prices on rooms at hospitals or clinics for any stays?
What was the price difference between surgeons at one medical facility vs the others?
Scalise did not address any of this fiscal responsibility. Took advantage of his health insurance and drove up costs. But he and his cohorts demand we abide by these fiscal shopping for coupons and best deals.
Might Scalise have found a cheaper price for his surgery in the Philippines or china?
He just abused his insurance and drove up costs like all of us moochers.
I mean seriously, couldn't
Scalise have gone to a Wal Mart in store mini clinic. Eye glasses and gun-shot wound surgery mini emergency. They are open 24 hrs. Or is that just Wal Mart.
And McCain, couldn't he have had his cancer screening done when getting his glasses prescription refilled? You think McCain had any thought considerations over preconditions in health care insurance?

When it comes to states deciding to to up hold preconditions or not. Why stop there, Why not let city, County, town village, Militia outpost commune each decide for themselves

As for me, I am tired of the winning. I have had enough. More than enough. We all know too much of something can be bad for you.
II have reach the over flow level of winning and now feel the Great winner can actually step down and go forth into the job creation world he created and "create". Comrade Trump did it. We are great again and he can go back to his private sector task of parting fools from their money and Golf.

dinthebeast said...

We told those fuckers that this would happen.

-Doug in Oakland

steeve said...

Look at all those damned likes on every tweet. Time to add a control to the experiment. He should tweet "Liberals are the real American heroes" and "udsidie ggegawz bovvseert" and see how many likes they get. (The covfefe tweet doesn't count as a control because there was a drop of media hate in there too.)

ziply said...

This has the sole purpose of inoculating his base. No one else believes this shit, and I seriously doubt he does either.

Fritz Strand said...

Every time the plutocracy takes power we get the likes of Harding, Reagan, Bush and now Trump. If they were to gain permanent control we would no doubt suffer through the rule of degenerates and half wits that Rome did when they lost(what little they had of) their democracy.

Robt said...

Amazing how Trump and GOP media brought together the unemployed Virginia miner addicted to Heroin and the Wall Street thieves who are still in business because of a socialized tax payer bail out.

coming together. To the slaughter house. some come to do the butchering while the others come to be the slaughtered.

And they somehow feel better of being slaughtered if they force slaughter some other along with them.

They have dating sites for these very lonely souls and they have conservative, White supremacist ones at that.