Wednesday, June 21, 2017

This Is Pretty Perfect


Robt said...

Which leaves me to ask,

When was there hilarious jokes of obstruction that worked?

I guess jokes on murder of Dr Tiller, we are still good with?

Did you ever hear the one about _____?
Chris says not funny anymore.

What about,

Knock, Knock

Who's there?

= These are old and conservatives "believe in preserving tradition.
Even these Knocker ones, Chris?

Sure takes the fun out of being screwed and tattooed by a political majority in Congress Which isn;t funny, obstructs only the peoples interest.

proverbialleadballoon said...

Let's ask Mitch McConnell about how obstruction doesn't work. Oh wait, he's too busy cackling with glee about raising healthcare costs 700% for the elderly to answer our questions.

Tony Avalos said...

My frustration is how or why they can get away with it. All of it! Appointment to the SCOTUS, stealing the election sharing Classified Info The Pres briefing's a Joke etc etc etc!

Robt said...

Why would obstruction work for republicans.

Because when they oput and scream. The media (maybe even Chris Hayes) provides all the coverage and looks to why they are so made and why the Dems made them that way.

legitimizing it.

How much media time have they given to the minority party (Dems) Not much but did you hear what Rump tweeted???? !!!
How many on MSNBC were crowing that the GOP will NEVER come to gether to pass health care. Well they are passing health care, they are passing tax cuts by gutting health care.

Gee, who would have seen that coming????????

Like, 9/qq. Economic collapse. Trump's billion of dollars worth of free media. Repeating Trump's slanders over and over and admiring it did what?
Who would have thought Iraq didn't have WMD.

You notice how the media teases the GOP about not getting legislation done.?

Well, they are cramming it up our asses.