Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Matthew Dowd And The Bro-Mide Party

The Bro-Mide Party believes in good stuff and not bad stuff.

The Bro-Mide Party believes in Country over Party.

The Bro-Mide Party believes that the Murrican People stand with them in being in favor of positive things and against negative things.

The Bro-Mide Party believes in Civility n' shit.

The Bro-Mide Party believes the K'rupt Duopoly is behind all of our problems.

The Bro-Mide Party believes in compromise, except, of course, with the K'rupt Duopoly.

The Bro-Mide Party believes that since Both Sides Are Equally Awful, the Bro-Mide Party will inevitably sweep to power and enact lots of good stuff and no bad stuff (Bromide Party math:  Your K'rupt 65 million votes plus my 10,000 votes ... will give me 65,010,000 votes!)

The Bro-Mide Party believes that once they sweep to power they can swiftly and directly translate the sentiments found on vapid motivational posters fading away on the walls of middle management offices across America into concrete economic policy, climate change policy, foreign policy, health care regulatory policy, education policy, housing policy, public lands policy, energy policy, judicial policy, etc.

And lastly, the Bro-Mide Party proves P.T. Barnum was right: there's a sucker born every minute, and two to take him.


VonWenk said...

It would be nice if the news media concentrated on reporting facts instead of telling Democrats what they should do to win. One thing Democrats should stop doing is allowing Republican apparatchiks and other pundits to dictate what their stances should be. If somebody's offended, too bad. Don't apologize for anything; cater to your base first. We can't legally advocate for violence, but it turns my stomach to listen to liberals jumping on the bandwagon to disavow actions they had nothing to do with. If it's a two-party system, "independents" (likely people who just don't bother to label themselves with a party affiliation) should be treated as road kill.

dinthebeast said...

"Now scientists call this disease
But us regular folks
Who might wear tennis shoes
Or an occasional python boot
Know this exquisite little inconvenience
By the name of:

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

What I have seen in my own red district/state is Republicans attempting a "I'm not with Stupid" 2018 campaign as "independents" while still fully backing the Republican platform.

So my guess is Dowd thinks if the media was stupid/greedy/corrupt enough to think a 10 year serving Republican Party county head wearing a tri-quarter hat was a "humble apolitical citizen concerned with fiscal policy" they will be easily convinced Republicans running as Republicans without calling themselves Republicans will be some "third way" grass roots political movement.

Andrew Johnston said...

And, of course, the Bro-Mide Party holds no particular opinions on any particular issues other than "don't run it until you've focus tested it."

That's important, because Dowd treats politics no differently than a marketing executive might treat a brand of beer. I didn't manage to get through much of his extremely boring and preachy book, but what I read suggested that he is still thinking in the mercenary terms of a strategist - ignoring policy and its effects in favor of helping somebody, anybody, win. Talking to Dowd about the practical, real world differences between Democrats and Republicans is pointless because the man simply doesn't think about politics that way. Mr. "Country Over Party" views politics as a product that he can market.

But that thought process makes him look like a real shitty strategist. There simply aren't that many true centrists in this country. Dowd obsesses over Independents, but only about a quarter of them are swing voters (versus about a third who claim to be too radical in their beliefs to affiliate with either party). And while I haven't checked recently, during the Obama years most Democrats and Independents who hated the Democratic party were liberals who thought the party was too far to the right. A devoted centrist with a No Labels portfolio of market-tested policies on budget balancing is not going to win those folks over.

Robt said...

Down with the Bro mide party.

Up with the Suppository party..........!

Professor Fate said...

The thing is that had the Democrat won Dowd would be brushing off the importance of that because reasons.

And oh yes we don't really know the lessons of 2016 just yet as how much the Russians affected the election is to date not known so any pronouncements about 'the lessons of 2016' is like tying to collect a bet on a horse race while the steward's flag is up.

I like to imagine what would happen if it turned out that the Russians among other things hacked the vote counts so that Trump would win. Aside from the massive crisis it would cause, it would at least for a moment shut up all these how Hillary ran a bad campaign and how we all have to listen to white men more. Of course they would get right back to it after a bit but there would be few weeks of silence on the need to talk to white men only.

Anonymous said...

Very true, VonWenk.

Robt said...

Professor fate said,
"how much the Russians affected the election is to date not known",

RNC Chair Reince Priebus Who now sits in White House. Deeply involved in the campaign, running ads, strategizing,collecting and reviewing data for the GOP.

Just how (if possible) did he keep his hands clean and free of Russian influencing. When Russia was working in favor of Trump.

We already know the GOP works to suffocate the vote, works to abuse redistricting, etc. Why would an RNC Chair not collude and apply strategics with Russians?
It is up his dark ally for GOP power. hey, they are republican conservative Russians at that.

DonP said...

With his Dems stand down/Independents stand up tweet I really thought he was trying to soften the ground up for a comically bad 2018 run in Texas against Ted Cruz.

Andrew Johnston said...

@Don P: You joke, but he might well be prepping for some vanity run. His awful book reads like a politician's book, right down to honing his inevitable on-the-trail anecdotes. Dowd could well be the next Mickey Kaus, and no doubt equally successful.

Robt said...

How about Trump commandeering the Dowd to be his very next and bestest and greatest superior Press secretary.

maybe Dowd could make a difference under the bus he will be thrown under?

jim said...


Team Bro-Mide: the Debbie Downer of Humanity's Progress Prom?

Comfort Blanket politics, with just a subtle playful mere *twinkle* of chloroform!

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