Thursday, June 08, 2017

The Gist of John McCain's Performance at the Comey Hearing Today

Also, uh...President...uh...Comey -- if that is your real name! -- I wanna know who stole m' damn phone!

Was it...Hillary?

I bet it was Hillary.


bill said...

That was embarrassing. Good thing he's beyond knowing that he's unaware that he looks silly. He can still deliver his outrage though.

FTR,in Pappy Walnut's defense, I too cannot manage to speak the words President and tRump in the same sentence.

Robt said...

The problems with Mavericks are many. You just never know and neither does the maverick.
While on another wavelength,
GOP contends after evidence of president obstructing justice.
"The smartest greatest (will hire the best people)and fire them. makes the best decisions and if not, trash all others who make good decisions".

You can't expect a (failed businessman) to know the laws. Like what OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE IS.
All my tax dollars paying all those high salaries to those white smarty pants Wall Streeters and White supremacists to advise the president means nothing.

In Court,
For my defense your honor< I would like to express that I had no familiarity with the speed limit in front of the school as I was taking a snort cut going 80 MPH until this failed police officer pulled me over and gave me a ticket and arrested me for under influence of Cocaine. Besides, I normally have a Limo driving me and this is all new to me.

The 10 MPH speed limit might have been posted but like I said, I was unfamiliar with the area as I rushed through. And, I drove back through that area and there is no posted sign stating/ prohibiting driving under the influence of Cocaine. As an important businessman, we have always been exempt under law for Cocaine use. That law if for the people that are law breakers.
But your honor, we must rein in that lawless Obama.

Lawrence said...

It was to be expected, I suppose. You forgot to ask about Benghazi, Johnny. Or was I refilling my coffee when that happened? What's in it for you anymore, Johnny? You're too old to enjoy the tax cuts if you get them. Too rich, I suppose, as well. Did W send you a painting of your balls in a jar and promise you could have them back if you stepped up one last time? You gotta know he's lying about that. After all these years, Johnny, you gotta know.

bluicebank said...

lol at the comments, esp. Robt.

Why Johnny can't read is a damn shame.

jim said...

Now, now - Wet-Start Johnny was just representing the meat-dream Zeitgeist of Arizona's Jukes & Kallikaks that keep voting him back in for more Congressional cafeteria chow & free socialized medical coverage.