Thursday, May 11, 2017

This Isn't Even Strategic Forgettery Any More

This is just inbred morons lying to other inbred morons because, hey, morons.


MikeAdamson said...

A completely unbelievable movie except it's really happening.

Unknown said...

No, not because "...hey, morons."

Because "...hey, PROFIT!!"

dinthebeast said...

Not strategic forgettery, just garden variety lies and insanity.

-Doug in Oakland

Abu Scooter said...

Maybe this is "tactical forgettery?"

Nah, scratch that. That'd be beyond Huckabee's pay grade.

Robt said...

Is it too early before the next election for the forgettery?

Most Town halls aren't drawing in the INFO Wars destroy the world to make me a billionaire and Chem trails crowds of support.

perhaps an executive order from the Trump making it illegal and a crime to disagree or oppose you GOP members. Especially at town halls.

Because they are so vulnerable when they are not in safe confines of the White House Beer garden party with the Klan members so familiar and friendly.

jim said...

Tactical Bullshittery: drive it like you stole it because you did, whilst Gish Galloping just fast enough & far enough to outrun the collective attention span &/or all applicable statutes of limitations.

Side effects can & usually do include rationale rabies, the heartbreak of semantic psoriasis, Trolls' Remorse Simplex, extradition hide-&-go-seek fever, chronic lawyer dependency, Karmic Flu, uncontrollable waking nightmares & piles.