Monday, May 08, 2017

"There are too many pigs for the teats." -- Abraham Lincoln

"Not on my watch!" -- Andy Lack, chairman of NBC News and MSNBC

File under: "The Wingnut Welfare Trough Contains Multitudes."

From Politico:
George Will joins MSNBC

Washington Post columnist George Will has joined MSNBC and NBC News as a contributor
George Will is being given a chair at the table at MSNBC because -- like every other Beltway conservative who wanted to hang onto their place at the Wingnut Welfare Trough -- he has had to go full Henry II and deny, deny, deny the loathsome monsters that he spent 30 years siring and raising.

And right before our very eyes, our corporate media is now granting Conservative hobgoblins like Will ouchless redemption without showing an ounce of remorse or performing a single act of contrition.  In fact, quite the opposite.  As I have mentioned before,  Conservative hobgoblins like Will are now being allowed to burnish their resumes as Serious Conservative Thinkers by simply ripping off the core Liberal critique of his Conservative movement, sanding off its icky Liberal pedigree, and passing it off as the Cutting Edge of Serious Conservative Thinking.

And they are being allowed to pull off this latest act of Conservative Strategic Forgettery without ever mentioning the existence of Liberals at all...

...except as handy, mockable, straw men for dried-up Conservative husks like George Will to punch when they're hard up for a column:
In 2013, the face of progressivism became Pajama Boy, the supercilious, semi-smirking, hot-chocolate-sipping faux-adult who embodies progressives’ belief that life should be all politics all the time — come on, everybody, spend your holidays talking about health care. He is who progressives are.
As I have also said before. I guess the sight of Melissa Harris-Perry's career impaled on a pike at the entrance to the MSNBC cafeteria as a warning to anyone else who might be thinking about messing with Phil Griffin's management decisions is having the desired effect.


trgahan said...

Who says the private sector can't do it better than government? The Conservative Media Refugee Resettlement Program is one of the most successful private sector humanitarian organizations going right now.

I'd only add the Will et al. do it all with zero expectation that their party will ever reform, moderate, or "purge" the evils they swear JUST appeared last they write every week. Will et al. are the bagman for conservative voters that have done the don't-call-me-a-Republican! shtick since Iraq went tits up, but haven't failed to vote Republican in every election.

Like a good businessman, that also happens to be completely immune to conservative public policy, Griffin is probably just seeing where the greatest cable TV news audience growth is right now:

Republicans who don't want others to know their Republicans, but still want Republican Governance. They can't cite FOX in public or mixed company anymore so they are desperate for another 24/7 "Conservatives may have problems, but OMG at least their not liberals!" brain dump.

gmoke said...

Haven't believed anything George FWill has said or written since he was revealed to be a prep specialist for Reagan's 1980 election debates while at the same time serving as an ABC commentator on said debates. Remember the stolen Carter briefing book?

Egregiously mendacious twerp.

Robt said...

Yes, all that you stated and some.

Like we are at the apex of conservative rule that it is time to move the political 50 yard line again.

You see,
Now all the FOX refugees at MSNBC are the political center. (abbra Caabbra).

John Kasich is now the center left icon in the beltway menagerie. Brooks is the far left.
The problem exists, What degrading title do they put on the dirty fucking liberal hippies?
--It cannot be Communist (Pinko). Not with Trump's mouth a holster for Putin's penis (as Colbert delicately invoked).

The GOP goes hog boar on consensus years. To Gerrymander.

They move the political center more right when they get control of Government like now. Which we see the media in action.

George Will might have "said" he did not vote for Trump. Did he ever prove it? Like Neb. Sen. Ben Sasse who bragged that he did not vote for Trump. He voted strongly for Mike Pence.
As I recal on my ballot.

Trump and Pence where in one block together with 2 choices.
Yes, for Trump and Pence yes for Clinton.

There was no check box for Pence alone.

I never seen FOX pick up Cenk Uger (of TYT) when he left MSNBC? Why is that?

That need to take Will, Kelly, Greta and all FOX regular guests like Coulter, Newt and Santorum. It is not enough? Let's bring in Hewey.

The debates have become from the 40 yard (center) line for GOP to the 30 yard line of the GOP/
So we start at the Joe Scar. Then Newt dogma. Onward debate Between Santorum and George Will. Coulter vs Kellyanne.
Hannity vs Alex Jones. Hew Hewitt vs David Brooks.
All the title matches for the playoffs even though they have losing records.

Everyone of these match ups are all billed as a battle for the "Center"!!!

As Bill Maher brings on John Kaisich and tells him he is one of the good guy republicans . As if the left leaners should embrace Kasich as their voice?

I don;t really think maher was doing that. It does set the stage unwittingly or not. maher ponders, "where are the Dem icon leaders". While, Sitting down with good ole kasich.
When it comes to immigrating to America. We need to encourage more French people to come here. Either that or to answer all the educations arguments. We contract out to France K thru 12 education. Sending our kids to France to get educated. Unless we can import it here?

Like the pundits who dismissed any ACA repeal from the house GOP. Laughing it won't happen. Now they say the same about the Senate GOP. Watch the Senate pass a repeal and replace. McConnell can and will do it. After all, these are the same Senate GOP that filibustered a SCOTUS nominee for 14 months. Deny it was a filibuster. Then blow up the filibuster within a month of Trump's inauguration to confirm Gorsuch with to the SCOTUS to represent "Americans" "certain Americans" interests with a 52 vote confirmation. Now there is a consensus supreme Court Justice if I ever saw one.
The Scotus can now approve or give waiver to the constitution in the interests of furthering GOP ideology.
The GOP's SCOUTS mission.

So for the SCOTUS, the political center has been move to begin with a 5-4 vote at the onset. A They didn't move the goal posts. They moved the 50 yard line that was moved to the 40 yard line prior. For opposing team views.
For years, the GOP have targeted their assets on Census years to redistrict in the most gerrymandering way.
They also go full thraottle in presidential terms that have predicted SCOTUS vacancies to be filled.
This protects the 30 yard line being the political center for the GOP in media as well oa governing.
Where were the "moderate" GOPers on health care. The Fiscaly responsible dudes? No CBO scoring, no hearings of indusry and experts.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Haven't believed anything George FWill has said or written since he was revealed to be a prep specialist for Reagan's 1980 election debates while at the same time serving as an ABC commentator on said debates. Remember the stolen Carter briefing book?

Egregiously mendacious twerp.

That was around the time his then-wife (mother of the Down syndrome son he has at least once used as a cudgel to beat believers in reproductive freedom) put his worldly goods and services out on the lawn with a sign reading TAKE IT SOMEWHERE ELSE, BUSTER. Would that the Liberal Media had done likewise and banished him to be sportswriter for the Upper Wolf's Ass, MT, Herald-Goatfucker.

RUKidding said...

Is the transformation of MSNBC from three-to-four-hours-on-weekdays sort of "lefy-ish" shows to full boar Fox Not-so-Light most of the time complete?

Or are we all supposed to pretend to ourselves that MSNBC is still this massively Libtard network with only LIEbrul commentary on it 24/7/365 (which it never was anyway)?

I haz confused... which is why I chucked out my tv long ago.

I never read George Will, and I certainly won't waste my valuable time watching him spew whatever it is he's spewing.

Hat tip to Neo Tuxedo for reference to "Upper Wolf's Ass, MT, Herald-Goatfucker." I'll have to check it out!

jim said...


Less recycling, please.

ziply said...

Conservative Media Refugee Resettlement Program!! Awesome!! 😹😹😹

proverbialleadballoon said...

George Will 'seems' so innocuous. 'Surely he doesn't speak for a pack of thieves and trolls' thinks the average viewer. He is the thin veneer of respectability, the sleight of hand that allows the GOP to pull the trick. And what trgahan said. For republicans, he is the excuse, 'see, we're not all for re-instating lynchings, George Will is a nebbish.' What is MSNBC doing? Who is going to watch this? Conservatives won't watch it because of the stigma, liberals won't watch it because we got stabbed in the back, it's just more of the same pap, competing for eyes with all the other pap.