Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Once The Media Abolished The Past as Dangerously Diversionist...

...a whole, horrifying range of corporate "Total Recall" memory fuckery became not only possible, but inevitable.

Like for example, this headline would absolutely blow anyone's mind who had just arrived from the Year of Our Lord 2016 --
Bill Kristol: Fox News is becoming 'ridiculous'

Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol attacked Fox News on Monday, saying the cable network has shifted to "ridiculous" coverage under a Trump administration.

Appearing on a Mediaite podcast, Kristol said parts of the network "have gone down a ridiculous path."

“It’s ridiculous, honestly, and depressing,” Kristol said.
-- because that visitor from the past would be unaware that, over the last decade, a dedicated cabal of Bill Kristol's co-conspirators have been working behind the scenes in the American corporate media to prop up the blood-soaked career of The Wrongest Man in America over and over and over again --
-- while an equally devoted team of backstage Nepomancers worked on promoting the career of his simpleton son-in-law, who may well have broken what is known in the business as "The Hewitt/Sykes Limit":  the absolute minimum time and effort required to go from being a third-tier Fox News conspiracy-mongering driveler --
Palin Endorses Continetti

THE WEEKLY STANDARD has obtained an advance copy of the new paperback edition of The Persecution of Sarah Palin by (THE WEEKLY STANDARD's) Matthew Continetti. As you can see on the cover, the book carries with it the official endorsement of none other than Sarah Palin herself. "Matthew Continetti rips the lid off the lamestream media in this must-read book," says Palin. "These truthful accounts of media bias shed light on what's wrong with the information flow today," the Palin blurb continues on the back cover.
-- to a Respected Meet the Press contributor:
CHUCK TODD:   And by the way, you bring up, it sort of gets me to this point. I want to get this Charlie Sykes New York Times op-ed into the discussion here. And he talks about this issue now of what's happening on the right, where there isn't conservative intellectualism, it's just anti-anti-Trumpism. He writes, "The real heart of anti-anti-Trumpism is the delight in the frustration and anger of his opponents. If liberals hate something, the argument goes, then it must be wonderful and worthy of aggressive defense. Each controversy reinforces the divisions and the distrust, and Mr. Trump counts on that." But Charlie Sykes is lamenting the fact, Matthew, and I want you to be able to chime on in this first, that the conservatives have sort of lost what it means to be a conservative.

MATTHEW CONTINETTI:  I think many people come to conservatism for different reasons. And I think a lot of them are driven by opposition to the left. That's why a lot of the conservative movement ended up supporting Donald Trump, because, whatever his flaws as a candidate, they thought that he would be kind of a battering ram against the left. There are others, like Charlie Sykes, who think it's more important to keep their principles intact than win political victories.
Hail Hydra, baby!


Anonymous said...

Reason #1 for 'coming to Conservatism'?

To justify selfishness.

Followed closely by Reason #2...Stupidity.

Robt said...

As the good Lord separates the clouds by his arm reaching through and down to Earth. To grab Bill O'Reilly like a pawn on a chess board. Move him to a square that is occupied by Glenn Beck.

A match made in Heaven;;;;;;

Yes, I read BillO has agreed to join the Blaze with Glenn Beck. Not sure which one is the is the side kick and who is the host?

make one wonder now BillO has no women to harass. With only Beck in the room with Billo. Can Billo keep his Falafel to himself?

It dawns on me, Ann is a victim of left silencing at UC Berkeley and is in need of a vocal point. BillO needs a female to harass and Glenn needs the companionship. Let's get this done........

Anonymous said...

Speaking of arms reaching down, I pray for the day Reagan reaches out from that photo staged behind Jeffrey Lordoftheflies, and slaps him silly.

Bigtoe said...

Wait a minute--since Kristol finally thinks fox is ridiculous and Kristol is always wrong about everything, does this mean.........oh no, I don't want to think about that anymore. "Two more shots please."

Anonymous said...