Monday, May 15, 2017

Olympus is Burning

Like Helm's Deep, the High and Holy Church of Both Siderism has always been the most secure  and well-defended redoubt for every species of overpaid media hack in America.  For decades, it has reliably sheltered the perks and privileged of every myopic Brooksian "True Conservative", every newly-minted "independents" touting the virtues of disruption and inveighing against the K'rupt Duopoly --

-- and, most recently, a whole passel of straight-up Conservative Hate Radio hat-racks who spent the last 20 years helping to lay the predicate for Trump's Republican freak-show and the last 20 minute wringing their hands and feigning shock now that the circus they have been pimping has finally come to town.

(For the record, many of America's least respectable dirty hippies have been warning against exactly this scenario for decades.  In fact, some of them even went so far as to put it in language so simple that even a children could understand it.)

But also like Helm's Deep, the High and Holy Church of Both Siderism has one, glaring flaw: it's a dead-end:
ARAGORN: He is only doing what he thinks is best for his people. Helm's Deep has saved them in the past.
GANDALF: There is no way out of that of ravine. Théoden is walking into a trap. He thinks he is leading them to safety but what he'll get is a massacre...
To borrow from myself three short months ago. the incoming, rapid-fire Republican bullshit that President Stupid has unleashed on our national politics has reached such a toxic cadence so fast that the Quislings of the Beltway High and Holy Church of Both Siderism have had to resort to fortifying their house of worship with whatever material they can find at hand.  But since there is no usable material at hand, rather than finally folding up their filthy little scam and getting out of town, they're just doing what every Republican does when things become unbearable -- yell louder and lie harder.

And these days no one yells louder that Joe "Trump is a Dimocrat!" Scarborough or lies harder that Charlie "Both Sides Are Equally Wrong!" Sykes, so it should some as no surprise to anyone when they team up to insist that (video unavailable) our politics is now (Sykes) just "Red Team and Blue Team" and neither team has "any ideas" and that Donald Trump is not a Republican (Scarborough)

Pity that the video is not available yet, because you can hear the empty bluster and desperation in their voices.

Their temple is crumbling.

Their Olympus is burning.

And now is the time to hit them with everything we've got.


Anonymous said...

I think the treason train just hit them.

Neo Tuxedo said...

And now is the time to hit them with everything we've got.

In the words of a great American philosopher, the power of this weapon turns out to be that of a custard pie dropped from a stepladder six feet high.

Robt said...

Ryan and McConnell have NO inkling to take appropriate action on the president until they get their agenda(s) passed.
From the least scandeled Obama presidency to Russia's Agent Orange.

Knowing more than the generals, has the best words,will hire the best people.

As every congressional Dem is pulling the fire alarms. The republicans continue to shut off the alarm and call for investigations for alarm pullers.

Pretty much both sider benefits the propping of party image to misinformation misfits. As conservative loyalists are convinced the galloping Golfer Comrade just needs a chance. Give him time they say, they say.
Who knew it would be this hard?

Help a both sider student;
Under bothsiderism, Who was Obama's Mike Flynn? Gorka equivalent? Manafort?

Anonymous said...

As a nation-member of the Five Eyes Gang, I and many others here are geographically scared shitless- nestled among the Great Lakes and a stone's throw from the Big Apple. Given Vlad's proclivity for chemical warfare. Great.

And, Putin looks like the pip-squeak he is, standing between the Chinese and Turkish presidents. Erdogan looks like he could take him with one hand tied behind his back.
He portrays himself as some great father-warrior but it's all fake. He has "men" to do his bidding.
"Follow the dead Russians..."

proverbialleadballoon said...

It sounds like somebody heard you, driftglass: Force Ryan to go on record, that he wouldn't allow a vote on impeachment proceedings. "When Trump endangered our national security, Republicans didn't care." You are right, the tip of the spear, impart the energy into a focused point. Press the attack, don't let these fuckers hide and wait until it all blows over. Make them publicly defend the indefensible.

Anonymous said...

Time to get them on record. Words matter- it's all a good person has.

Whatever you say- can and will be used against you. It's accounting.