Friday, May 05, 2017

I Stand Corrected: Matthew Dowd is a Colossally Ridiculous Person

And not merely a Fundamentally Ridiculous Person.


Isn't it a shame.

That leaders on Both Sides.

Are all standing in the way.

Of providing affordable health care.

To all Americans.

Thank Ba'al that "independents" like ABC's chief political analyst Matthew Dowd -- who pissed his vote away rather than stain his dainty soul by voting for Hillary Clinton -- are around to bravely step up and call for what Liberals have been calling for and Democrats have been working towards since the fucking Truman Administration.

I.  Can't.  Even.


Dave McCarthy said...

Call me crazy, but I seem to remember that the ACA, as originally proposed, was in fact a "single payer fix to healthcare". Ah, good times!

161 republican amendments later, not so much. Oh, and zero votes from the r's who fucked the ACA up but good was just the shit icing on the shit cake.

Lit3Bolt said...

Shorter Matthew Dowd and Ron Fournier: "I wanted to support Democratic policies and positions, but a mean lefty blogger once said "Fuck you" to me, so I will carry a grudge against liberals for the rest of my life."

Dave McCarthy said...

I made one single solitary response to one of his asshole tweets and got blocked...

I feel better now.

proverbialleadballoon said...

As with the Church of Both Sides, worship of Ba'al also required human sacrifice.

Robt said...

From the tittle,
Are you sure you didn't mean that Dowd is a,
"colonoscopy ridiculous reminder of a person" ???

Like both sides?

Democrats have numerpis hearings from experts on health care. have tons of debate. Hear from the industry experts. After economic scoring after economic scoring. Then face off with the paid Koch brothers nasty angry Tea potter Klan at town halls. Over and over while keeping the rabid killjoys at bay.

Verses the republicans, Koch Brothers tell Speaker to shove this in front of their House GOP majority. Vote on it for the team to have a victory of passing something. Don't worry of cost. Not your concern like if the plan works or not. Just vote like we tell you.
Promise voters there will be more mysterious parts of the law to come. later. Maybe.
Yeah, both sides, in the minds of wanna be journalists is not so pretty or amusing when life and death over health care is involved. And uniforming when life and death is not at issue.

But hey,
Denny Hastert committed sexual predatory crimes on young boys.

Exactly like Anthony Wiener sending photos of his crotch to women..

It is the same.
Like when the state purchases illegal drugs to put to death prisoners of the state and someone purchaing pot. It is the same but actually, NO!. It is not.

tony in san diego said...

Simple. It was bad when you said it. It is good when he says it.

Robt said...

Wanna bet Dowd chews bothsidermint gum.