Tuesday, May 09, 2017

How Was Trump To Know

Flynn was with the Russians too?

Because literally every cop on that beat who was not taking rubles on the side told him so.

Not since 1814 has a foreign power so thoroughly ransacked and destroyed the American White House.

Meanwhile, the Pig People still love President Stupid because none of this even exists in the --

-- ideological dumpsters where your Crazy Uncle Liberty gets his "news".


Dave McCarthy said...

I'm taking THIS ball and running with it; LG&M has been a part of my repertoire for years (along with Carmelita Poor Poor Pitiful Me and Warewolves, natch) and I'll rearrange the lyrics starting with Driftglass's snark and see what parody ensues.

This will be a good complement to my own "(Please Don't) Paint the White House Gold", which goes over well generally but has generated several hearty "boos" at the various watering holes where I've performed it. Last Sunday I asked the booer (see what I did there?) to ID himself, and told him it was perfectly OK to admit he has no sense of humor. THAT he laughed at....

trgahan said...

Crazy Uncle Liberty has had a raging authoritarian hard on for Putin ever since the Bush he swears he never voted for twice "looked in his eyes and saw a good man" and Putin did to Pussy Riot what they think whomever was President in 2002 should have done to the Dixie Chicks.

He then climaxed when Putin put the Kenyan Globalist Usurper N*&#^@ in his place by the deft geopolitical genius stroke of annexing Crimea.

For the American conservative, Trump-Administration-as-Russian-Front isn't a bad thing. Trump, like Putin in Russia, are hurting the right people while making liberals cry. Conservatives are more than willing to continue their "ecomonic anxiety" indefinitely as long as government makes sure that remains the case. That is the very definition good Republican/Conservative Governance in 2017. Period. Full Stop.

XtopherSD said...

So for fun I went to FoxNews.com. In the search box I typed "Yates".

First 5 hits...
More Harry Potter magic coming to Universal Japan
Mar 17, 2017
Disneyland adds new FastPass options to classic rides
Jan 12, 2017
SeaWorld to announce big changes for 2017
Sep 27, 2016
Why Trump was right to talk with Taiwan's president
Dec 3, 2016
Krauthammer on Sally Yates
Jan 31, 2017

And you just search the text on the home page, "Yates" get one hit, in a little sidebar article link to York: What we still don't know after Sally Yates' testimony.

Just wow...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the '1814' acknowledgement, driftglass!

Neo Tuxedo said...

"A masterful system! Closed-circuit propaganda! The truth couldn't even get into it edgewise! So that was how the Rockecenters had remained in control so long and now owned so much! That and chicanery, of course. Totally controlled free enterprise!"
-- L. Ron Hubbard, The Enemy Within, book 3 of the Mission Earth drekalogy*

(* drekalogy: a series of 10 volumes, mostly crap)