Friday, April 28, 2017

The Memory Hole is Deep. The Memory Hole is Wide.

This is not the biggest or most important thing you will read today, but it did catch my attention a couple of days ago and nagged at me enough to note it for posterity.

You remember this guy?  Ari Fleischer?  The "Baghdad Bob" of the failed Bush Administration?  Well instead to eking out a character-building career re-soling shoes in a minimum security prison somewhere, Mr. Fleischer -- like so many other disgraced Bush-regime dead enders -- quickly made the profitable transition from the willing instrument of the worst president in modern history to Respected Cable News Contributor without so much as a single hour spent in "You fucking fuckers, people died because of you" purgatory.

So what is Mr. Ari Fleischer up to, you ask?

Well, a couple of days ago he showed up on the virtually-unwatchable discredited late night washed-up pundit kaffeeklatsch on MSNBC called "The 11th Hour" to explain that the nation desperately needed are giant, unpaid for tax cuts for millionaire and billionaires because, "we've had low growth -- 1 to 2 percent for the last 8-10 years".

What Mr. Fleicher and, sadly, everyone else on the panel would very much rather not talk about, is what the shape of job growth over the "last 8-10 years" actually looked like this.

See all those bars in red?  That was the collapse of the global economy.

You might have read about it. It was in many newspapers.

Hollywood even made several movies about it, some of which were pretty good.

It was called the Great Recession: a disaster which was presided over by Mr. Fleicher's former boss, George W. Bush, and which President Obama worked relentlessly to dig us out of despite the unceasing lockstep obstruction and sabotage of Mr. Fleicher's Republican party.

And speaking of the Failed Bush Administration, does anyone remember how the last Republican president kicked off his failed administration?

That's right!

He rammed through giant, unpaid for tax cuts for millionaire and billionaires, because giant, unpaid for tax cuts for millionaire and billionaires were our nation's only defense against the terrible budget surplus that the Clinton Administration had managed to accrue despite the unceasing lockstep obstruction and sabotage of Mr. Fleicher's Republican party.

When asked after the Iraq War where he got his bullshit "facts" from, the original Baghdad Bob replied that he had "authentic sources—many authentic sources" and that, however outlandish and absurd his lies might have been, he "was a professional, doing his job".

And every night in Americas, dozens of highly-paid cable news hacks lull themselves to sleep by telling themselves exactly the same thing.


Tom Shefchik said...

I saw that travsety. Backpfeifengesicht (a face in need of a fist).

trgahan said...

I am sure someone mentioned that the numbers are already in and the rich individuals and corporate America took their Bush era tax cuts and sat on them.

Corporate America is sitting on the largest cash reserves in the history of capitalist economics. One of the MANY headwinds Obama had to fight was that large segments of corporate America are simply no longer interested in the American market anymore. Those who did spend their tax cut, when not using it to pay out boardroom bonuses, spent it on mergers and acquisitions in China and India.

If a real liberal had been allowed on the 11th Hour the question to Bagdad Bob would have been "So just how many jobs did you create with your cut of the Bush tax cuts? Who do you plan on hiring if Trump gets you another belong-to-the-right-income-bracket kick back? Say, let's go around the table."

dinthebeast said...

You know, I was gonna say something about the smart economists who all seem to agree that there just isn't room in our economy right now for the growth numbers the Republicans are lying about these days, what with our ageing workforce not being replaced as fully or quickly as it was tn the days when we saw growth numbers closer to their supply-side fantasy bullshit story, but really, what would be the point?
The guy on AM Joy Sunday said something to the effect of "Maybe that would be possible if we didn't have a mature economy like we do, if the economy was a growing teenager instead of the pudgy middle aged man it really is."

-Doug in Oakland

Jimbo said...

Plus there are whole sectors of the economy, e.g. green infrastructure that would be big job creators, areas of economic innovation and environmentally beneficial that are ideologically blocked off by the GOP. Example, the Kentucky former coal company that is creating a solar farm that is employing unemployed coal miners. Good for them. But Ari Fleischer and the GOP give those kinds of initiatives the middle finger because they're bought and paid for by the fossil fuel industry. Eventually, the slow-witted GOP voters will get it decades from now but by then it may be too late.

Pat said...

I too watched the lovefest between Ari and Nicole Wallace, especially when they proclaimed their common love for their boss...president W. I wanted to puke remembering all the pain of the W years. Even stem cell research was shut down despite St Ronnie's wife pleading for it. The disgusting wars we are still fighting and the great recession.

Cirze said...

Except for the newly unemployed ones at ESPN?

And every night in Americas, dozens of highly-paid cable news hacks lull themselves to sleep by telling themselves exactly the same thing.

Robt said...

I have been sampling the 11th hour.

-Brian's dry humping orgasmic display of firing 60 Tomahawk missiles at $1.5 million each) without congressional approval. That in certain circles of this world it is moral to murder children civilians with "conventional weapons like White Phosphorous, spent uranium, largest explosive other than Nuke, cluster bombs, napalm, Agent Orange, land mines, etc. But it is so unGodly and immoral to use Saran gas?

I mean think of it, Saran gas is so fiscally responsible. It rids you of the rodents and leaves the infrastructure in tact. How conservative closely held religious fiscal belief can you get?
Verses, the Moral warfare that Jesus approves of utilizing cluster bombs, ET AL that splatters blood. Spews brains and body parts all over. leaving crippling dismemberment's to be proud of. T
The differences between the funerals for the dead alone;
Saran allows for a entire intact dead body to be viewed at burial. In comparison to burnt to a crisp Napalmed body, or the Unidentifiable bodies from the Kibble and Bits in the aftermath of conventional bombings.

Nichole Wallace went on assignment to speak with those "beloved uneducated".
Those Trump supporters that stubbornly are sticking with him and why.

She had to find the Dem voter that went for Trump and has a light bulb on at the dimmers lowest level so far. To get that one point out to Democrats. The point that Democrats are hated too. That these voters are not necessarily coming to the Dems because they are angry and angry with Dems as well.
Her special report on these voters now? Nichole had to get one person with the right anger expressed in their own confused angry self centered words , (that Nichole could reiterate in her own words for that one person). To present the message that these people view Dems like Trump and republicans.

Someone, somewhere gave this a name. They called it, Bothsiderism.
--Have you heard of it?

Because, only republicans are allowed to be extreme fascists and require a pleasant soft facade extracted from portraying Libs are worse or just as fascist. So much more acceptable now, right"

But, There was one night where Brian was out enjoying his congressional recess and Nichole was on her David Brooks walk about (to get in touch) with the real people. You know, the Frank Luntz puppet review show.

As Brian and Nicole were out, Joy Reid filled in as host.

Wow, what a difference.
Where Brian and Nichole make me long for the MSNBC go to prison. Joy proved that (if the network wanted to) they could make that show, that time slot worth while.

Better yet, the 11th hour of the place for politics would be better suited and have far better ratings if Sam Bee fill that 11th hour.
Adding some dire needed light hearten politics that the network refuses to consider.

But the Nichole and Ari memory loss lovefest reunion of the "the Defeated part II". Must be MSNBC's communication avenue equivalent to speak to Trump just like the FOX and Fiends does , as Trump religiously watches.

It won't be long before Brian, Nichole have a regular panel of Newt, Ari Coulter and Palin. You know, the real America?