Wednesday, April 26, 2017

On Letting The Clown Out Of The Box

For almost a quarter of century, a basic tenet of all Conservative media from The Weekly Standard to Fox News to Hate Radio to Breitbart has been the relentless delegitimization and demonization of the press, of Liberals, and of any president with a (D) after their name who attempts in any way to govern as a Democrat.

For almost than a quarter of century, the response from the corporate press has been one craven attempt after another to mollify to Right by joining right in with the hippie punching or, once the Bush Administration imploded completely and vindicating the Left, to deflect and diffuse blame from the Right by Both Sidering the shit out of every Republican lie, betrayal, hypocrisy and crime against democracy.

In other words, to protect their paychecks, the corporate media made a corporate decision to let the wingnut clown out of the box and feed you and me and the rest Left to it decades ago.

And now that the clown is in the White House with it's finger on the nuclear button and has turned on these collaborators, I really can't think of one single reason why I should shed one single tear for them.

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Unknown said...

She is absolutely correct about demonizing the press. But she and her ilk haven't been "press" as it is constitutionally recognized for about 30 years.

A band of grifters and glad-hand suck-ups that are happy to play Grover Dill to Republicans' Scott Farkus, and then complain when they are fed to the beast? I can't manage to make out what they are saying. All I hear is a faint buzzing