Wednesday, March 22, 2017

This Still Makes Me Laugh

You might remember that in Greenworld, it is an article of faith that all leakers are crusading whistle-blowers all crusading whistle-blowers are automatically chucked into super-max prisons, incommunicado, forever.
In Greenworld it is also it is an article of faith that there are no "Russian agents" doing anything nefarious anywhere. All such talk comes from drooling, McCarthyite Democratic party stooges trying to smear noble Truth Tellers like Glenn Greenwald:

Which is why when Mr. Greenwald gets on his very high horse to excoriate others for being unreasonable and making claims for which there is no evidence --

-- it still cracks me the hell up.

There are no mirrors in this man's house.

'Cause mirrors is how they get ya!


Chan Kobun said...

Glennie Pie finally got what he wanted.

Perhaps he should step away from Twitter and only come back once he gets over it.

drbopperthp said...

I don't know what happened to GGREENWALD@SALON.COM. He's been sitting himself for the past few.

keith gargus said...

Besides being a contrarian prick, I can't even figure out what his agenda is. Did I mention he is a self serving dick?

dinthebeast said...

All the more giggle-worthy now that we find out Manafort was paid ten million dollars annually between '06 and '09 to further the interests of the Putin government.

-Doug in Oakland

trgahan said...

"Use Reason"

But reason requires acknowledgement of the gaping silence on this portion of the media "left" regarding the rise of repressive oligarchical kleptocratic regimes in places like...oh I don't know, say street level below the balcony of Rio ex-pat penthouse high-rise?

Robt said...

So Mirrors is how they get GreenieWald.

For KellyGirl it is Microwave oven (see Betty Crocker Cook book for surveillance recipes).

Why won't Glenn talk about Trump big spending on military and plans for a first strike on the,terrorists that attack America's greatest in history Brand Name of Trump.
Glenn avoids talking about Trump nuking the first Amendment on our Oligarchy fatherland soil. Terrorists attack his brand name. But survive the Nuke fallout to rise again as,

I need to go back and watch that Jeff Goldbloom Jurassic park clip again. Because Dman that is a big pile.

Ian said...

I do not get GG. I thought all this shit he was opposed to. Seems wikileaks and GG parrot RT, and do not act as independent free information actors. We all knew that already, tho.

jim said...

Glennzilla's high dudgeon dangles on the barely low-comedy canard that "all" circumstantial evidence is inherently unworthy of either scrutiny or legitimacy. What undoes this feeble thesis every time are nasty little buggers I like to call facts.

Oh, look. More facts.