Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Now Quietly Playing on Every Smart Phone in the White House

Over and over and over again...


dinthebeast said...

Which, as we have now learned, he could know they are doing if he wanted to.

-Doug in Oakland

Yastreblyansky said...

I'm in tears. Thank you so much.

RUKidding said...

Kudos! Well done, my friend.

Robt said...

The old Geezers that yelled at kids to, Get off their lawn"

In this new age of Trump are yelling, "get away from my fake news".

How times are a changing.

Bringing back the old snake oil salesmen to sell their miracle cures. That those librards regulated out of business long ago killed so many jobs and harmed the economic growth of a profitable industry.

Bringing back these miracle wondrous products will stave off the legalization of the marijuana lobby. Because there is no good coming from the pot, but Jeffry dahmer's home brewed elixir works wonders.

The good old days when you buy a sugar pill and if you believe hard enough in that pill as marketed and promised, the miracle of God will cure you.

If only we brought back DDT and offered it up to our veterans that lost a leg or an arm. Dosages in the right quantities would grow back that blown off limb.
You know, free market "ON" us.

bluicebank said...

Loved this the first time.

All the so-called Conservatives pine for the olden days, somewhere back in the '50s. What they forget is that not even the 1950s would tolerate the likes of Trump, McCarthyism notwithstanding. Indeed, Trump would have been hauled before the HUAC in leg irons. Harry Truman would have more easily dismissed the GOP's "red-herring" with the counter that the GOP was fielding a Manchurian candidate.

Whitaker Chambers would have face-palmed and given Alger Hiss a pass.

Pumpkin (Papers) Pie would've taken on new meaning.

Robt said...

As I began watching the Honeymooners clip.

I had this wondrous gleeful thought of Gleason telling Trump,

Not one of these days. Today is the day I am sending you to the moon........