Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel

This was the deal, and since he had to dumb it waaaay the fuck down and use itsy, bitsy words so that even his meatheads could understand, the terms of the deal could not have been clearer: Trump promised to replace Obamacare with something vastly cheaper and more awesome that would cover everybody.

And if he and his party break the sacred promises he made to America, live on teevee over and over again?

If they bust the deal?

Well, you know what happens then...

I find the idea of 2,000 pussy-hat wearing patriots packing the every Republican town hall meeting from now on and yelling  "Bust a Deal, Face the Wheel!" every time Congresscritter Oleaginous Weaselfuck tries to sleaze his or her way out of explaining why they're voting to take away your health insurance delightful.

Maybe start with Il Douche's very good friend Rand Paul...


Unknown said...

If they bust the deal, they'll just blame Obama. Their base will believe that.

The media will both sides the shit out of the whole thing, saying "well sure, TrumpRyanCare kicked 20 million people off their insurance, but Obama once said "if you like your insurance you can keep it" and the healthcare.gov website sucked for a few weeks, so obviously this is a bipartisan mess and it's up to Schumer and Pelosi to be patriots and clean up the mess." And BoBo will grimly nod and lament the lack of comity and Fournier will tweet about Obama's failure to lead and Dowd will say something humiliating and not realize he did it. Sunrise, sunset.

Robt said...

Donald in chief-----Who would have thought this health care thingy was so complicated?

Your friendly neighborhood Spici-man.------Just look the thick tall pile of papers representing Democrats ObamaCae and them our pile (of papers) that is about as thick as Applebee's lunch menu.

See how great it is and it is environmentally friendly because it uses less paper.

Mark Dobrowolski said...

This should be an interesting summer, these heakthcare debates.

Knight of Nothing said...

Put them backwards on a pony with a giant mask and send them off to the Gulag.

trgahan said...

What Republican infighting? Trump and the House Republicans seem to be on the same page in hoping the Senate will save their asses on Healthcare.

Either way, the "economically anxious white working class abandoned by Democrats" will be poorer and less secure by 2020 but they are getting their ICE raids and Muslim Bans as Russian steel is installed in their backyards so Democrats will still need 70+ million votes.

Robt said...

There is no GOP infighting in terms that any of us would benefit.

Like, Sen Burr (R) Senate intel committee and Hous(R) Nunes chaitman of House intel.

First on camera saying Russia links are concerning and need inestigation.

Second media appearance they are out stomping down any questions in the press over Russia gate.

Third, they admit to Trup calling them and directing them to stomp down any media qyestions over Russia.

Fourth, dragging feet and quietly undermining any investigations (it is partisanship because Dems lost election).
Fifth, They appear in media to announce they need to get to the bottom of the president's "unfounded claim" obama wire tapped him during campaign.

If you haven't noticed, the GOP believes they have Grover Norquist's White House "five working digits" to sign whatever Congress sends to it. As small as those hands and digits are, is fine.

Of course, Dems having majorities in House and Senate with legislation sent to president to sign. Is the end of America, rubber stamp socialism and the unwillingness for Dems to investigate Obama;s birth certificate and ISIS membership.

They will repeal the ACA no matter if there is a replacement. Legislating a no regulated health industry to have their way with all of us "Human Resources" is great for business and lobby donations (at least for now).

All they have to do is keep shoveling the smelly dedication of their base into the media and do it long and loud to drown out any other speech.

So before you go to sleep tonight, Check your house for any pods.

milegrinder said...

trgahan: Don't forget now they can celebrate losing their black lung treatments, miners' healthcare, and pensions down at the Cracker Barrel, and they'll be happy because SCROTUS said they can say "n---er" with their outside voices.