Thursday, March 30, 2017

Blogversary Festival Day One: Lieberman Is No Longer a Name. It's a Title.

I'm a little out-of-it today, so allow me to reprise this summary of long and ugly political history of Holy Joe Lieberman:

With the passage of time, it can become easy to forget what a hollow, craven shit-heel Holy Joe Lieberman really is.  For example, here are just a few of his greatest hits from years gone by (for good measure, here is a link to a dramatic recreation of the moment when Holy Joe went out of his way to stab the Gore 2000 campaign in the back (embedding disabled on video.)

Combining the cartoonishly greasy fake piety of the lowest god bothering Elmer Gantry with the moral compass of a bus station pickpocket, Lieberman has become famous as the ambulatory embodiment the Beltway Both Siderist's Id...

Full disclosure:  My own imaginary interview with Holy Joe lasted 90 seconds -- I listed a few of his greatest quisling hits and he tore off his microphone and flounced out screaming that Bill Kristol would never treat an august personage such as himself with such disrespect.


So why bring this old news to your door today?

Because the Democratic party's two most reliably Liebermanish senate quislings -- Joe "King Coal" Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp -- have decided once again to stab their party in the back and help Mitch McConnell and President Stupid take one more public dump on the legacy of President Obama by completing the theft of Merrick Garland's seat on the Supreme Court.

From CNN:
Democrats Manchin, Heitkamp to back Gorsuch nomination
So now it's officially "bipartisan"!  Yay!

Manchin -- who has a list of betrayals as long as my arm -- is a senator from West Virginia because apparently someone has to be.  And Heitkamp -- who won the North Dakota senate coin toss -- thought it would be a hoot back in 2015 to make it easier for terrorists to buy guns,  And you might remember the ManchKamp teaming up just last month to lay their hands upon the GOP's monstrous climate denial agenda and magically transform that crime against life on Earth into another "bipartisan" win for President Stupid.
Two Democratic Senators Voted for Climate Denial Today
Joe Manchin and Heidi Heitkamp flash Scott Pruitt the green light.
Look, I know Gorsuch is going to be seated.  McConnell is holding a flush and I'm not stupid.  But one of the few luxuries of wandering in the wilderness as an opposition party is that you get to leave your hollow, craven shit-heels by the side of the road.

We can start by calling a spade a spade.

And a Lieberman a Lieberman.

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Alfred Lehmberg said...

...And then begin whacking them with the implement alluded to...

jim said...

"I'm a little out-of-it today"

Desperately Gish Galloping Shock Doctrine kleptocracy comes at you fast.

Go check out for your daily gallows humour needs!

trgahan said...

"Gorsuch is going to be seated."

In the end, I think THIS is answer to the question of why the 2016 election went how it did. It is why Comey did what he did, why Russia was brought in, etc.

Not that Gorsuch himself matters, but the people who pay the Republican Party bills demanded they do whatever is needed to keep the Supreme Court on their side.

Let's face it, without the Warren Court the progress of the mid-20th century would not have happened and the conservative role backs would not have stuck if the court hadn't been flipped since then. Nothing would undo the Conservative Project since 1980 faster and more definitely than the court turning liberal again.

I know this isn't accurate civically, but Presidents make agendas, congresses pass laws, but the Supreme Court makes things stick beyond elections.