Thursday, January 12, 2017

When The Stupids Fight, We All Win, Ctd.

As I mentioned back in August ("Gilligan Grabs The Wheel")...
The Republican Talking Point Delivery System called Sean Hannity has always had one, crucial flaw.

He is very stupid.

He is an excellent dumb-bomb who can blow things up real good when he is properly loaded and fired, but left to his own inspirations and devices, he tends to make a big, stupid ass of himself.  And now that Big Daddy Ailes has been cashiered for being a degenerate workplace sex offender, there is no one left at Fox who has the throw weight to tell Sean Hannity which lie to tell, on which day, and when to shaddap because he is killing the brand.

Which is when the fun begins.

First, some time ago he discovered The Twitter and began making a name for himself as weepy, belligerent creep, the specific genus of which, if he were making this kind of ruckus in any of the decent dive bars of my youth bar, would have been tagged by the bartender as one who cannot handle his drink, and be introduced to the curb if he kept up this nonsense....
Turns out, now that there's no one holding his leash, Hannity absolutely cannot stop himself from keeping up the nonsense:

In case you were wondering about what "skeletons" Sean Hannity is clumsily alluding to,  here is a little refresher via Daily Kos from 2011:
The Ugly Story in Joe Scarborough's Political Closet

If "Morning Joe" does wind up on a ballot somewhere, voters might want to keep this question in mind: Was a young woman once murdered in Joe Scarborough's office?

Many Americans probably have forgotten, or never knew, that a 28-year-old female staff member was found dead in the summer of 2001 in the office of U.S. Rep. Joe Scarborough (R-FL). Officials in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, determined that Lori Klausutis died from an accident. The mainstream press largely ignored the case, but our review of several investigative reports indicates the official finding is highly questionable.

Does that mean Joe Scarborough is a murderer? No. But we suspect someone who had access to Scarborough's office in 2001 is a murderer. We find it unlikely that the head trauma that killed Lori Klausutis was the result of an accident...
I've never written about this incident because I don't think dragging this poor woman's tragedy into a dissection of Joe Scarborough's many, many massive failings as a public figure and a human being is useful or necessary (and believe me I have never copped to being anything but low, cheap and perverse.) But apparently we have reached a moment in the never-ending Conservative media freak-show where paid professional assholes are forgetting that everything they do is just a stage-managed act designed to keep the rubes riled up and hating the right people, so now they are walloping each other in the head with kitchen sinks and folding chairs for real.  

Remember kids: when The Stupids fight, we all win!

And in case I haven't mentioned it, Sean Hannity really is exceptionally stupid.


Robt said...

When Hannity set his goal in life so low as to become the 2nd coming of Rusbo.
That is what FOX got..............

What I would watch for at least a while. is the exposure of the hannity viewers.
In a Frank Luntz town hall focus group to be asked questions and listen to their hatred, ignorance, Bigotry, and self centeredness.
Asking them how many times they think Reagan cut taxes (on the wealthy) and how many times he raised taxes (on the poor and middle class).

Finding a host that would be unknown to them to pose the questions like Colbert or even Sam mBee could. Would get viewers and ratings for sure.

Actually, It would be interesting to put on a produced reality show of this very thing with actors and actresses playing out the roles of these lost ignorant soles and how their political wants should apply to others but not them.

When Donald Trump spoke of how he so loved the uneducated. hannity was the first person I thought of that Trump sent flowers to on valentines day.

ScarabusRedivivus said...

Beck, Hannity, and Limbaugh—none came remotely close to earning a college degree. Rather than hurting their careers, though, the lack of education has been a positive asset.

Yes, I know, education and intelligence are related but not identical. In respect to the latter, they're like idiot savants: Dumb as they are in general, they're world class at assholery and the long con.

I did a quick scan of online bio-sketches of Hannity and discovered that he was an "indifferent" student in prep school, and he dropped out of NYU and Adelphi because the poor baby ran out of money … or that he had no interest in or talent for formal education and preferred to do radio.Take your pick, acknowledging that they aren't mutually exclusive … or unrelated.

He was canned from his first radio job for gay bashing on air. Rather than cleaning up his act, he worked his way to Fox, where gay bashing on air is an asset rather than a liability.