Thursday, January 19, 2017

Today in Both Sides Do It: Karma is a Wingnut Named Angie

As you all know, most of the expatriate members of the Republican the management and propaganda castes who scattered like rats once the Bush Administration went tits-up immediately set up shop right across the street where the started running a new and very profitable scam known around these parts as the High and Holy Cult (or Church) of Both Siderism. For all those poor Republican base voter refugees who were in danger of rotting in the desert of Taking Shit From Libtards Over Bush, the deacons of the High and Holy Cult of Both Siderism provided a valuable service.  

Both Siderism was their exit visa.

The deacons of this cult taught an entire generation of Conservative meatheads that "But Both Sides!" (plus an ouchless name-change from "Republican" to "Independent" or "True Conservative" or "Constitutional Conservative" or "Tea Party Patriot" or whatever) are Expelliarmus-grade Magic Conjure Words.  Whenever they find themselves at risk of having to admit to lying or hypocrisy or, worst of all, that maybe they and their favorite Fake News outlet were wrong about something and the Dirty Liberals were right, without batting an eye they know to bust out their laminated, "Get Out Of Taking Responsibility Free" and, with a wide, smirking leer, intone "But boooooooooth sides!"

"Both Side Do It" is their Letter of Transit:

So how grimly hilarious it is to see a genuine, bottle-fed Both Siderist wingnut rear up and sink her fangs into one of the hands that raised her, just as she's been taught to do:
You know, I don't mind a parasite.

I object to a cut-rate one being hired as ABC News' Chief Political Analyst.

Karma is also a wingnut named Darrell:

And Sandra:
And Susan:


Robt said...

On to something with bothsierist non accountability as a TRUMP card.

After GOP majority corruption ran amok agoround in 2007 and with the GOP deregulations of crime freedom(s).

We saw the othersiders (Dems) deploy 3 inches of a one foot ruler measure of standards, Regs and ethics. yes, the ethic committee in the House and the Dodd/ Frank.

Any minimal trained seeing eye dog would be able to navigate it's owner through the 3 inches of measures to meet these standards and avoid improprieties and extreme corruptions that the other-other siderists deposited on on America taxpayers lives disgustingly unappologicly irresponsibly and "frankly not giving a damn".

Now the other-other siderists first thing out of the non campaigned on urgency mandate to repeal the rules to the House ethics committee. They will be back for it a bit later when the press either takes a watchdog nap or is distracted by a squirrel. Did congress campaign on that or Trump?
But Dodd/ Frank law repeal is on the agenda. It didn't go far enough and dammit if it didn't catch Wells Fargo illegally opening accounts on its customers for profit.

This law harms the banking industry. If a bank cannot legally steal from you. it cannot be profitable fast enough for the executives of the bank to grab the cash and run for the Caymen Isle retirement plan. You think they should make money from that old time idea of making loans and investments?

As we watch this siderist GOP remove the hinges from the gates of hell that the other-other siderists put in place to prevent the devil dogs from digging holes in your yard (lost savings), crapping on your lawn( taxpayer bailouts) and chasing your cat up a tree (repo of people's homes).

Isn't it obvious that bothsiderism (like Trump) so loves the uneducated?

Marc McKenzie said...

After reading these tweets...I think I'm going to go bang my head against the wall for a while.

I mean...these people are proof that Harlan Ellison was right--the two most common elements in the universe ARE hydrogen and stupidity.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Say whatever you will about Ayn Rand (and, believe me, I could say plenty), but she got at least one thing exactly right:

A living entity that regarded its means of survival as evil, would not survive. A plant that struggled to mangle its roots, a bird that fought to break its wings would not remain for long in the existence they affronted. But the history of man has been a struggle to deny and destroy his mind.

That, as I've said before and will probably say again, is why I can't believe the level of stupidity we see around us is either self-generating or self-sustaining. Someone or something foisted it off on us, and someone or something keeps topping up the levels of Stupid against the risk that too many people will notice what's really going on. But, in the words of a great English poet, who is to blame in what country? Never can get to the one.

(Talking of Ellison, he hints at this at the end of "Knox" when, just for a moment, Charlie Knox sees the beings that keep the War going. Or, of course, read Ray F. Nelson's "At Eight O'Clock in the Morning", the story that formed the basis of They Live.)

Robt said...

Neo Tuxedo,

The sentiment has been expressed eloquently many times. It just keeps burning up in the atmosphere between area that exists between some skulls and the brain.

Inherit the Wind

" This sponge demands the right to think".

I would consider Betsy Devos nominated for Dept of Education. Trump's declaration of that war.

jim said...

The "We Do Geopolitical Monkeywrenching Too, Get Over It" meme betrays an epic innocence of exactly what is entailed in being trapped on the brown end of that particular pointy stick.

That? Oh, that's just the sound of Vietnamese, Nicaraguans, Afghans, Iraqis, et al making popcorn.